Michelle Obama Campaigning (For Better Education) In 2020!

Michelle Obama on 106 & Park

If you were living in the United States during the 8 years of George W. Bush’s Presidency you may be familiar with the phrase “no child left behind” which is the name of the Act of Congress that he signed in 2001 ensuring higher standards of education reform and improving an individual child’s educational outcome. Obviously, something bigger distracted him later that year, the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City, and subsequently the “war on terror” which left many disillusioned and angry about his decisions.

Cut to 2008 when President Obama is elected, and his wife and the first lady Michelle Obama vowing to make drastic changes on American soil during their term. Michelle Obama has been an outspoken advocate of healthy children and education right from the start, and it’s refreshing to see leadership at the very top level wanting to be involved in the daily lives of the next generation.

Michelle made an appearance on BET’s 106 & Park TV show to discuss her and the President’s “North Star” goal. Basically, wants to overhaul the education process again, by injecting $100million into an initiative which will pair up high schools, colleges and employers.

FLOTUS (an acronym for First Lady Of The United States) gives some statistics where Americans used to be on the worldwide educational ladder, and where they are today. Here’s a hint: they’re worse off! Her goal, she says, along with the President and the rest of the country, is for America to once again become the number one country in the world for education, by the year 2020.

She took questions from the audience members, one of whom asked her why she was so passionate about education. Michelle answers by saying it was something that was always important to her parents, and passed down to her.

“They had a belief in the power of education,” she says. The first lady goes on to say why it is now her mission to get America educated, and that high school should not be viewed as the end goal, but a stepping stone.

“High school is a stepping stone…We need you all to be educated so that we have a workforce that can make sure that this country is competing globally.”

Host Bow Wow asked Michelle what advice she would kids who look at the top pro athletes, or someone like P Diddy whose careers didn’t necessarily get catapulted because of education, and what kind of perspective young people need not to get caught up in fantasies like that.


“Those opportunities are very few and far between. It’s like winning the lottery…as you both know you have to have an education to work in entertainment, to mange your business, and not get taken advantage of by other people. If you don’t know how to read and write then you don’t know how to check up on your lawyer, your accountant…no one is going to look out for you better than you.”

So basically, you CAN have a great pro career as an athlete, or an entertainer, etc. But if you aren’t educated, no one is going to take you seriously, and being smart is the best investment you can make in yourself, according to Michelle Obama (and common sense!).

If you’re doing the math, you will already know the Obama’s will be long gone from the White House in 2020, which means they plan to continue this important work of preparing the next generation of Americans for life ahead.

No doubt the fact that the Obama’s have two young daughters which this issue affects was a key factor in the decision to make such a huge reform. Whether you are a democrat, republican, independent or “other” supporter, we love the fact that the Obama presidency is committed to ensuring the next generation are well-equipped and that they know how crucial these young people are to the future of America.

Watch her interview below and let us know what you think about her campaign. Is this something that is possible? Or are you skeptical thinking an education overhaul is just not possible in the United States at this point?

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