Microsoft Chose This Woman To Head Up Their Gaming Division!

Julie Larson-Green

Who says it’s a mans world? Well if you thought gaming was ruled by the male species, think again, because the tides are certainly starting to shift in the tech and digital world.

On July 11, 2013, Microsoft announced in a press release that it promoted Julie Larson-Green as to oversee the entire company’s hardware engineering. Larson-Green will be responsible for overseeing all devices, games, music, video and other entertainment as well as the ‘Operating Systems Engineering Group’ which includes the Xbox.

While there have been the typical chauvinistic responses from many males in the gaming world, it’s something they are going to have to get used to: that video games and tech are not just for men, but many women thrive in this industry and are passionate about it. We currently make up 45% of the gaming industry! There are a slew of accomplished women making waves in the tech and gaming world and it is only going to inspire younger generations to be confident about a career in these areas.

Julie is well-qualified for this gig, having working in the Microsoft family for 20 years. That’s no small achievement! During her time at the tech giant she has overseen close to 1500 program managers, researchers, content managers and other members of the Windows team reporting to her.

She was responsible for the design and engineering changes made to Microsoft Office in 2007 — which many note was a positive development for the company, and for which Larson-Green won Microsoft’s “outstanding technical leadership” award.


The fact is we need more strong, intelligent and capable women like Julie heading up companies like this. It’s unfortunate that women like her, and Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg and any others who are pioneers and innovators in other fields, are constantly scrutinized because of their gender and appearance, effectively reducing their worth to nothing but eye candy or just a joke in the eyes of men.

But it only takes a handful of leaders like Julie Larson-Green who are willing to put up with the BS and make it easier for the next female innovator who comes along to work alongside the men in her industry.

Julie is passionate about her work, and has stuck around because she is good at what she does, not just to prove that women can work in tech. She is no stranger to adversity, having been rejected from Microsoft back in her college days at Washington University, she was determined to live out her dream of “working at a computer company”. Instead of quitting, she taught herself how to code during lunch breaks at her job at a Seattle publishing software firm after college and since those early days in the tech world, she has been known to progress quickly up the ranks in Microsoft, replacing men left right and center in higher and higher positions.

Wired magazine calls her the ‘heir apparent’ to the Microsoft throne, and describes her tenacity and team spirit as a key ingredient to her success.

Whether you care about gaming, tech or software at all, the point is that women shouldn’t be promoted or singled out simply because of their gender. We should be considered equals at all turns and noted for our intellectual and communication abilities and the unique skills we can offer to the workplace. We need more Julie Larson-Green’s in the gaming world, and if that is you, what are you waiting for? Get out there and live your passion with integrity and hard work.


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