Millions Of Women Desperately Want This, But Need Your Help To Get It


If you live in a country where you have access, as a woman, to free or subsidized birth control and contraception, you don’t even bat an eyelid, right? Well according to Population Action International, “Almost a quarter billion women in developing countries want but can’t get contraception. That’s more than the entire population of Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands combined.”

That’s a scary figure, 222 million women to be exact. What’s even more gut-wrenching are the stats of how lives could be changed if they did have access to this simple and needed thing. If all women in the world had access to contraception, it would have prevented 54 million unplanned pregnancies, 26 million abortions, 79 000 maternal deaths, and 1.1 million infant deaths in 2012 alone. Our collective jaws just dropped and our hearts became very heavy.

PAI want to urge all Americans to get involved and do their part, because its so easy and minimal. The organization wants America to dedicate 0.03 of its federal budget to this great cause. In other words, a tiny slice of a huge pie. If you think of how many billions and trillions we are in debt, and how much we spend on the military, wouldn’t it be nice if we made a difference to the lives of women, and the future generation instead of going to war and sending us broke?

Ethiopean women

To break it down, $1 billion would cost each person in the United States $3 per year!!!! Or, 1cent a day. Wow. PAI go as far as to say we spend more than one billion dollars each year on valentines day candy, mothers day flowers, superbowl snacks, and potato chips.

On the flip side, if we put that money toward helping women in third world countries, that could go toward sanitation, education, water and healthcare. You know, the vital and necessary things in life as opposed to potato chips…

We are not against families, or babies. We think it is a beautiful and vital part of our human journey as women. But we are advocates of being able to use our resources to be able to plan a family under the right circumstances whenever possible. Nothing to do with your religious or political stance. Every person has a free will to choose in life, so let’s give women that freedom to have what they don’t yet have access to.

What is a woman’s worth to you? Would you go as far as donating to the cause of helping other women around the world live extraordinary lives so that their children can do the same? Watch the video below to get a better idea of the cause.



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