‘Mob Wives’ Star Ditches Plastic Surgery And Learns To Love Herself.


When you think of VH1’s Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, you think, big, loud, bold, brassy and badass. But believe it or not, there is a human side to her where she is willing to be vulnerable and share her insecurities.

She opened up to the Huffington Post in a guest write-up where she pushed aside the stigma and bad-girl image to show another aspect to her big personality.

Graziano has made no secret of the fact she has gone under the knife and indulged in plastic surgery. Probably too much, according to her. She was scheduled to go under the knife again and for whatever reason, not mentioned in her post, her doctor could not medically clear her.

At first she was upset but then looked at it from a different perspective. “Maybe God was telling me I’m pushing my health limits, maybe I wouldn’t have been able to handle another surgery, maybe it wasn’t the right time or maybe God was saying: Love Yourself.”

For Renee, self worth starts with loving yourself, and respecting yourself just the way you are as God made. It got to a point where she realized all the surgery and cosmetic procedures weren’t making her happy. It was when she accepted her body for what it was the got a glimpse into what being satisfied and content looks like. Being in the public eye and not always in a good way can take its toll on a personality like Renee.


“I’m the first one to say, “Go to the gym before you get on the table,” and I’m the first to say, “Don’t do as I do.” But after repeating these things to myself I realized that I need to take my own advice and Stop, Look, Listen and LOVE MYSELF just the way I am. It’s not what you look like on the outside, or what Hollywood, TV or society says (never believe the hype). It’s about what you truly feel about yourself.”

She is taking the fact that she is not cleared for surgery right now as a sign. She will not be rescheduling, instead will commit to going to the gym to “work” on her body. No more surgery, pain meds or self pity for Renee Graziano, she has a new reason to be bold and brassy, her confidence!

And her message is for every woman and girl out there who thinks that surgery is the answer. Physically altering your outer body will never be able to fix what is in your heart or your mind. So isn’t it better to work on the most important aspects of you rather than the part that is wasting away no matter how many needle jabs, lotions, lasers and applications you put on it?

“I hope someone really gets the message I’m trying to relay: It’s a big step to take after being insecure but if you have faith, put your worries, doubts, fears and insecurity in the hands of a higher power. In return, you will be taught how to love yourself unconditionally all day, every day.”

Renee is adamant God does not make mistakes, and we are too. There is a reason you are here on earth and look, feel and act the way you do. Don’t let the pressures of this world get to you. Don’t let the insecure mean people of this world tell you you need to change or make you feel like you aren’t worthy the way you are. They are wrong! Find out yourself what you are meant to do, and discover things about yourself you can fall in love with. Commit to being happy with who you are, because you are the only YOU in this world.

Renee’s new mantra is to say this to herself every morning, and we suggest it is something you do too for all those times you forget how beautiful, unique and special you are: “I will love myself like God loves me.”

Renee Graziano


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