‘Moral Courage’ Youtube Channel Launched As A Digital Platform For Social Change

Moral Courage

A new channel has launched on Youtube and it is called the Moral Courage channel. It was started by NYU Professor and author Irshad Manji who was also been labeled by The New York Times as ‘Osama Bin Laden’s worst nightmare’! She has also been called an unlikely promoter of Islamic reform.

She is a Canadian Muslim, a lesbian, an intellectual who also calls herself a feminist. She is the executive producer of the new channel which aims to inspire people worldwide to question dogmas, speak taboo truths and create honest conversations.

It is one of the most captivating channels we have been on Youtube and recommend you subscribe today. So far there are only 6 episodes since its inception mid-April 2013, but we found ourselves desperately wanting to see more.

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So far you can see stories from a former Neo Nazi who was put on a hit-list after he left his sect to lead a better life for his kids, a former high ranking female FBI agent who talks about being left without backup during a bank holdup by her male colleagues and told she didn’t belong in the workforce, a young Muslim singer-songwriter whose mission it is to educate other Muslim men and women that showing skin and speaking out as a woman isn’t an act punishable by rape, and a young school girl from one of the most conservative cities in the United States who is campaigning to have more sex education in schools to prevent STDs and teen pregnancies.

These people are sharing their stories and already it is profound. These are normal everyday people, but the difference is they feel strongly about something and they are willing to stand up even when there is opposition. Irshad’s hope for this channel is that others will watch and be encouraged to do the same.

Former FBI Agent and episode subject Rosemary Dew sums up what standing up for something actually does: “You can’t stand up for your convictions hoping you’ll be thanked for it because you’re likely not [to be]. The thanks comes from how you live your life, and what you have to pass on to your children and grandchildren, your nation, your community, and that comes from you.”

Omnia Hegazy, a singer songwriter says that using music and art to convey her message is an important thing for her community of Muslim women who are yet to be liberated.

“I sometimes disagree with the sense of modesty that is taught in Islamic culture. You get the sense that you have to hide, my body is poisonous, it makes men do bad things. Instead of strengthening the will of men, teaching self control we teach women that they need to cover up. There’s a wrong emphasis here.”

Her music and message is reaching out into the Islamic community and causing both sides to think more about her challenging lyrics.

“A woman came up to me after a performance and she was completely covered from head to toe, the only thing I could see were her eyes. She said to me ‘Thank you for saying that, I always thought that but I could never say that.'”


Irshad Manji spoke about her intent behind the new series being that she hopes it will start conversations and new types of community groups. The aim is that people will watch the videos, identify with an issue or a person’s story and engage others around them who are going through the same thing and  seek them out.

We hope, like Irshad and the MC team, that you will watch these videos and ask yourself the question “What do I stand for?” Once you can answer that, you will begin an exciting journey of leadership, inspiration and empowerment.

Here are two short clips to whet your appetite for this exciting new online series:


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