Moving Cross-Country Made Easy With These Tips

Preparing to move can be even more work than moving – from decluttering, selling off items you no longer need or want, packing and wrapping, and organizing a moving company, moving is a big job! The better your preparation, the easier the process will be – here’s how to prevent overwhelm and make your move smooth and effective.

Do you know what “To Do”?

It’s easy to gloss over activities and things to do when things are not written down. Although it may feel like you’re creating extra work, you will never regret taking the time to create a physical to-do list. Having everything you need visually accessible will cut the stress of trying to remember everything in half, and help you to prevent any accidental oversights in the process. 

It doesn’t need to be fancy – a small notebook in which you scribble down things to remember will be invaluable in helping you to streamline your move. Think about the personal items you’ll need to take with you if you are going to arrive at your new place before your other possessions arrive. You may also want to consider several moving companies and check their moving quotes if you need help when relocating. 

On moving day

There will be a lot to do, and chances are that you might be feeling a bit anxious and fidgety. Wake up early and get moving – postponing your activities will only make you feel worse and more stressed out. The earlier you manage to start, the cooler the weather will be, which will help make difficult or very physical moving tasks much easier, especially in summer.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing on your moving day. This will prevent fatigue and injury in the long run. Solid, closed shoes that are not slippery or too tight are extremely practical when you will be carrying things around, and loose, but not baggy clothing will help keep you cool without restricting your range of motion. 

Who will be helping? 

Some people prefer professional movers because of the comfort it brings and the fact that you can get comprehensive online moving quotes that show you what you are getting into. Others like to call in the assistance of friends and family. Whomever you prefer, make sure that you brief them properly so that everyone knows what their role is and what is expected of them.

Label boxes with their destination rooms, to help your moving assistants with what you’ve asked them to do for you. 

Don’t forget about the bits and pieces 

Things like cell phone chargers, tablets, even your pillow, personal medication, and toothbrushes are all things that you would need to keep handy, despite the move. Make a grab bag, or pack a box with the family’s immediate necessities to tie you over while all your other stuff is still packed away. Keep this kit in your car with you to prevent it from getting mixed up with the other boxes.

Check everything before you leave

Don’t forget to check every room one last time before leaving your old house – you will be amazed at what gets left behind in cabinets, sheds, and basements. Don’t forget to turn off the lights and air conditioners, and remember to tell the new occupants of the house about any special information, like strange door locks or noisy pipes. Follow these steps for an easy move that will give you peace of mind knowing you checked all the boxes.