MTV Teams Up With Laci Green For New Feminist Web Series ‘Braless’


Hold up everyone! Before you get out those pitchforks, Youtuber Laci Green’s new web series ‘Braless’ is a total play on words. As in, the misnomer that all haters continue to perpetuate that feminists are “bra-burners”.

Well thanks to a new partnership between Youtuber sex expert and proclaimed feminist Laci Green and MTV, these issues are going to be discussed in even more depth.

Laci talks candidly about sex, feminism and the treatment of women in the media in her own Youtube channel where she has over 1.1 million subscribers. Now she is taking that huge following and platform one step further with MTV, which gives you an idea of how needed her messages are.

MTV’s ‘Braless’ isn’t just about feminism however. Laci will cover a range of different topics including pop culture. Let’s face it, feminism is definitely part of the pop culture conversation right now with many celebrities either publicly declaring they are or aren’t a feminist. The episodes will be posted on Youtube every Tuesday.

The 25 year-old grew up in a strict Mormon family, but curiosity about sex got the better of her as she was growing up. Today she is passionate about every young person having fundamental access to proper information about sex and sexuality, away from the constraints of the media, religion and any other systemic barriers.

It is something the world has not been used to previously, but one that platforms such as Youtube and even social media are allowing, thanks to the free-flowing information. The internet hasn’t just been a sexual revolution, it has been an information revolution where the traditional trickle-down method from experts to everyday citizens has been completely changed to being a middle-out society. Everyone has a voice, everyone has an opportunity to raise it, and everyone can find out whatever they need to on their own without going through any middle man.

The popularity of her Youtube videos, including this awesome recent offering about how sexism hurts men just as much as women, proves information is more democratized than ever, and it is a good thing!

It’s an exciting time especially for the younger generation who want to empower each other and create a difference in the world away from the societal norms we grow up with.

For Laci, that means breaking down stigma and shame about sexuality, and allowing new types of perspectives and accurate un-biased information to be given out to her fans and followers.

As for the haters, she has definitely experienced her fair share, but realizes it’s not about her.

Now I understand: these people just don’t want me to talk,” she tells Flavorwire. “Some of it is mindless hate. Some is misogyny. Some is just a different perspective. But most of it is pushing back against me to silence me.”

Being silenced is the one thing that she will not allow. The first episode of ‘Braless’ was called ‘Taylor Swift Slays Sexism’ and it talked about how the pop star has evolved over the years and developed a new found love for feminism.

For teens this is some groundbreaking content which we hope to see more of. There has been a lot of talk about online hatred toward women and men who speak up about important issues, and it is about time more production companies, networks and major brands recognize the immense power they have to present important messages to the public that counteract negativity.

We will definitely be watching every episode in this 12-part series and hope Laci continues to speak up about these issues, being a representative of a generation of young men and women who deserve role models who are afraid to tell it like it is in a positive, affirming way.

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