Must-Do Fun Activities For A Girls Weekend

Planning a girls weekend getaway with your friends? Whether you are putting together the ultimate hen’s weekend or simply looking to get out of town and let loose from the daily grind, here are a list of ideas and suggestions you can do that will make for a great weekend of fun.

Go Dancing

An enjoyable way to spend the weekend with your friends is to go out dancing. Dancing is a fun way to let loose and really express yourself. There are many different places to go dancing, including nightclubs, dance halls, and country music bars. So if you like dancing, grab your friends and find a place to get your groove on!

Go On A Camping Trip  

A night out under the stars with your friends is the perfect way to spend a weekend. Camping is a highly affordable activity, and you can do it with little to no experience. There are thousands of camping destination that you can choose from, and all you need is a tent and a few other pieces of gear. You can choose to camp in a state park or really rough it by going off the beaten trail. No matter what type of camping you choose, you will have fun while connecting with nature.

Hit The Beach  

Hitting the beach is an inexpensive way to spend a weekend with those you are close with. There are many activities that you can enjoy at the beach including volleyball, sunbathing, swimming, or even planning a picnic. Just remember to bring body moisturizer because the sun and salt water can dry out your skin. This will help replenish your skin so you can look your best. Also, make sure you don’t forget other items to protect you from UV rays. Sunscreen, lip balm, a beach hat, and a good pair of sunglasses are all must-haves on the beach.

Go On A Wine Tasting Tour 

If you have vineyards in your area, planning a girls weekend that involves wine tasting can be a great idea. There are many winemakers across the country and most of them offer wine tasting. You will get to try some of the best local wines in your region, and relax with your friends at the same time. But remember to always make sure you have a sober driver to get you around.

Ride-On A Hot Air Balloon  

A thrilling way to spend a weekend is to go on a hot air balloon ride. This will provide you with a unique journey that you will not forget any time soon! Hot air balloons are a lot of fun and you can take a whole group up at one time. Be sure to take plenty of pictures of your memorable event up in the air.

Go Horseback Riding  

If you have never gone horseback riding now is the time to try something new. There are organizations that can offer horseback riding along the beach, but also rides along country trails with mountain views. Horseback riding can be a great group experience and allow you to get out into nature.

Head To The Mountains

The mountains can be a relaxing place to spend the weekend. The air is fresh and you will leave behind all the problems the city may bring. Spending some time on the mountain with your friends will help all of you rejuvenate. Depending on your location, you may have to travel, but the drive will be worth it, as will the views. 

Go Bowling  

Bowling is a competitive sport that you and your friends can enjoy. A night of bowling is a great way to blow off some steam and get your friends out of the house. This is an affordable activity that won’t break the bank, and most bowling alleys offer a fun atmosphere with food and drinks available. It’s a great activity to let loose and have some fun at the same time.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started as you plan your perfect girls weekend getaway. The key is to have fun, and consider try something new.

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