#MyFeminismIs Campaign Is Using Diverse Voices To Expand & Update The Definition Of Feminism


Ok we get it, there are mixed feelings about feminism in the world today. But instead of just brushing it off as irrelevant or negative, it’s worth exploring the ways in which it can best serve a modern day society.

Sure, women can vote, but that’s not the only reason it exists. The very definition of it advocating social, political and economic equality of the sexes means there are a number of issues it can raise its voice about.

Saying all feminists are nazis, man-haters and bra-burners is akin to saying all Christians go to Westboro Baptist Church. When you have such a wide-ranging movement that spans generations, cultural boundaries, ages and political lines, you are bound to have a lot of diversity. So why can’t we focus on the ways in which feminism is breaking down damaging societal expectations of men and women alike, and learn about how it is a powerful force for change even today, rather than just continue to insist it is dead?

Thankfully we are seeing many within the feminist movement raise their voices and use their platforms to advocate for the modern day meaning.


The Ms. Foundation has launched a great campaign called #MyFeminismIs where a group of activists, thought-leaders, organizers and media voices have gathered to share their definition of feminism and what it means to them. One crucial aspect that sets this campaign apart from others, is the way it outlines the basic definition of the movement. “the social, economic and political equality of ALL genders” it states.

“The objective of the #MyFeminismIs campaign is to paint a broad, inclusive and intersectional picture of the Feminism as we continue to challenge and change the conversation around equal rights,” says the description.

“Revisiting a very needed conversation around Feminism is critical especially in this day when the values around equality and fairness are are relevant. We live in a time when each person holds a responsibility to push for change and challenge and rewrite history/herstory to reflect who we are in an accurate way.”

Along with some video conversations between some of their participants, they have started the hashtag #myfeminismis in order for everyone to be able to participate and share their definitions. Whether it be race, age, sexuality, domestic violence, or other issues that feminists are fighting for on a regular basis, we are seeing this hashtag be used to share some really great messages about what feminism means to everyday people today.

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Some of the recognizable voices featured in the Ms. Foundation’s video include Mic.com editor Elizabeth Plank, MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry, CEO of GLAAD Sarah Kate Ellis, former editor-in-chief of Essence and Ms. Magazine Marcia Ann Gillespie, and some of our personal friends Cynthia Hornig and Jennifer Jones from Women You Should Know.

Because this is a campaign dedicated to sharing voices of inclusivity and diversity, you can also hear from high school students and men, not just activist women in the feminist space. One of the interviewees being talked about is former NFL player and LGBTQ activist Wade Davis.

“What makes me a feminist is that I understand if women aren’t free, then I can’t be free. As a gay man, understanding their struggle is my struggle too,” he said. You can see a very enlightening and thought-provoking conversation with Wade and journalist Mychal Denzel Smith in the video below.


And to further our anecdote about how brushing off all feminists as man-haters being like saying all Christians are members of the hate group Westboro Baptist Church, Marcia Ann Gillespie fittingly describes feminism as something akin to religion.

“My feminism is a form of faith. It is having the faith to believe that women are whole complete human beings and should have all the rights and privileges of every male human being on the planet,” she said.

This is what we need more of. A range of voices coming together to share what feminism means to them in a way that furthers, not inhibits the movement. Today feminism is fighting for different issues that what women were fighting for 50 years ago. It is important to understand that as the world changes, and we as a society progress, feminism serves to reflect and advocate the inequalities that persist but which are also specific to the day and age we live in.

Watch the videos below and don’t forget to use the hashtag to share what feminism means to you.



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