NBA’s 1st Female Coach Becky Hammon Blazing Trails & Breaking Barriers


It was announced back in August that former WNBA player Becky Hammon had made history by being announced as the first female in-season coach of an NBA team. The San Antonio Spurs took on this fierce femme and at a good time too, being that they are the reigning champs of the 2013-2014 season.

She previously played for the San Antonio Stars, but it was her basketball knowledge and skill that got her the assistant coach job at the Spurs, not her gender. Let’s just be clear about that. But hey since it is a first in a male-dominated sport, we aren’t going to spare any expense shouting the praises of this trailblazer!

Spurs coach Greg Popovich told the Bleacher Report he wasn’t expecting the incredible media reaction her hiring has gotten.

“Honestly, I didn’t realize it was gonna be this big of a deal,” he said. “People kind of went crazy, like we’ve saved the world from fascism or something.”

It’s kinda naive to think hiring the first female NBA coach wouldn’t get major media coverage, but at the same time, we LOVE that he doesn’t see gender as a big deal or a barrier. He is widely regarded as one of the most progressive coaches in the NBA and was the top pick to make a move like this.

Becky told CBS’ all-female sports show ‘We Need To Talk’ anchor and WNBA great Swin Cash about her appointment, saying the game is the game, and having a pony tail should have no bearing on your ability.

“At the end of the day, it’s basketball. A pick-and-roll is a pick-and-roll. A pick-and-pop is a pick-and-pop. It’s all the same stuff,” she said. “There are always going to be some haters in the crowd. Haters are gonna hate.”

The representation of having Becky Hammon at such a high level in the NBA sends a big message to women in sports. Her hiring, although for the male league, shows that women aren’t just sideline attractions in sports anymore. Women have been breaking barriers in all aspects whether it be broadcasting (Lesley Visser being the only female in the NFL Hall of Fame for her broadcasting work), or on the fields and courts like we are seeing with Becky, the message is that they are part of this world and will stop at nothing to make sure audiences and networks know this.

And for all those little girls who are growing up playing sports and wishing they will have equal opportunities to make a legit career, don’t give up. You now have Becky Hammon to thank for blazing a trail and breaking a barrier to make way for more women.

Check out Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts going one-on-one with Becky just before the NBA season, and hear what this superstar coach had to say about being the first girls in a boys club:



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