Need For Likes: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Value Yourself Based On Social Media Appreciation

By Jacob Dillon

In the beginning, they were just a few simple social networks, but today there are various social channels that grew into powerful advertising platforms and popular ways of interaction. Nowadays, social media has become an integral part of our lives. They allow us to stay in touch with family and friends through straightforward and instant communication, to get real-time news, and to develop business opportunities. And of course, they’re a great source of entertainment.

On the other hand, social media has its downsides. They can jeopardize our privacy and have a negative impact on offline interaction with other people. Also, sometimes all that information may be overwhelming and cause severe consequence for your mental health.

A study has shown that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter nurture people’s feeling of inadequacy and anxiety. “Those who suffered a negative impact from social media said their confidence fell after comparing their own achievements to those of friends online.Two-thirds said they found it hard to relax completely or to sleep after spending time on the sites.And one-quarter of those polled said they had been left facing difficulties in their relationships or workplace after becoming confrontational online.”

Moreover, likes, comments, followers have started to be crucial for our self-image. They’ve become a way to determine our value. But, it’s wrong and here is why you shouldn’t value yourself on the basis of social media comments, likes and follows.

1. You are more than your social media account

Your social media account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter represents just a fragment of your life, a tiny piece of it. It can’t embrace all your achievements from the past, all the wonderful relationships you have with your family or friends, all the challenges that make you a better version of yourself. There are no such comments, tweets or likes which can keep up with the value in you.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t compare your profile, numbers of likes on a certain photo or number of followers to others. Whenever you do to that, you risk diminishing your value and losing the real you. We’re all unique, and we have special talents to offer the world. Enjoy your originality and don’t let anybody’s social media appreciation determine your self-worth.

3. Don’t take it personally

We tend to take personally if our friend doesn’t like our latest Facebook status or God forbid they don’t put a heart on our newest Instagram photo. But, did it occur to you that they’ve just been busy or that they might have missed your posts? Yes, unfortunately, the world does not revolve around you. In such conditions, social media appreciations can’t be considered as a valid way to value yourself.

4. Social media isn’t a real world

Have you ever seen an ugly image on Instagram? That’s the point. On social networks, you won’t see somebody’s hard moments, you won’t hear about somebody’s daily struggles, and you won’t be familiar with their other negative experiences. It’s almost a perfect world where people have a chance to show a better version of themselves. Therefore, it isn’t the real world, and as such, it can’t influence your self-worth.

5. You determine your own value

Do you ask your friends across social media channels what to cook or what to wear tomorrow at work? Probably not. Why then you let them decide on your value and have an impact on such a significant matter? Only you can determine your own value according to the parameters that are important to you. Be in charge of your self-worth and don’t let social media interactions get in between.

Therefore, remember not to take social media interactions personally. There’s always a good reason why your friend hasn’t responded to your request or why nobody commented on your post. Change your perspective and start looking at a bigger picture.

When it comes to perspective, don’t take social networks so seriously. It’s not a real world, with true feelings and everyday challenges.

For that reason, try to get the most of Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform. Use them to connect with other professionals, learn new things or stay in touch with current events.

A few final thoughts

Do you still have a need for likes and other social media appreciation? Of course not. You’re more than your social media account, and you have so many things to say, show and achieve. Live only by your own standards and criteria for value. Social networks differ from a real word, so don’t take them to heart.Use them for good and not to harm yourself!

Jacob Dillon is an editor and journalist at EssaysOnTime. He is fond of attending concerts, traveling and surfing. The best way for Jacob to express himself is to write. Meet him on Facebook and Twitter.


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