New Book “She Plays We Win” Captures The Spirit Of Young Female Athletes In Stunning Photos

If you are an avid GTHQ reader and have been for some time, you will be familiar with the work of photographer Christin Rose and her badass project ‘She Plays We Win’. It began as a series of photos of young girls playing various sports as a way to encourage other young girls to be unafraid of getting involved, and along the way has inspired so many people, including us, about what future generations of female athletes are capable of!

Now, four years after embarking on this journey, Christin Rose is proud to announce the launch of “She Plays We Win,” the book

“She Plays We Win” celebrates the confidence that sports provide for young girls in their formative years and highlights the quotes, lessons and triumphs of female athletes ages 7 to 14. These girls are talented and strong, and have big ideas for the future, which is why it is important to build them up and encourage their unique stories within athletics.

To continue this vision and legacy, 100% of the net proceeds from the “She Plays We Win” photo book will be donated to the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) in support of its mission to enable girls and women to reach their potential in sport and life. The Foundation is an ally, advocate and catalyst for girls and women in sport through its grants, fellowships, research, advocacy, curricula and awards. It is a leading voice driving gender equity in sport and has positively shaped the lives of millions of youth, student athletes, elite athletes and coaches.

“It was so incredibly important that ‘She Plays We Win’ pay it forward for all girls and women — now and for future generations. And everyone who purchases this book joins us in supporting, celebrating and believing in the power of girls,” notes Rose. “‘She Plays We Win’ has become so much more than a photo project to me. This, right here, is my heart.” 

“‘She Plays We Win’ is such a wonderful source of encouragement and inspiration for girls around the world, and what a great showcase of the power and promise of young female athletes,” says WSF CEO Deborah Antoine. “The Women’s Sports Foundation is grateful for Christin Rose’s generous support, and we congratulate her on the debut of this extraordinary book.”

“She Plays We Win” exemplifies the spirit of participating in athletics at a young age and the lifelong benefits it provides. Rose’s message to girls is simple: Chase your dreams both on and off the field, because when YOU play, we ALL win.

Christin and her project were also recently featured in another book – “Today’s Wonder Women: Everyday Superheroes Who Are Changing The World”, written by our founder and CEO Asha Dahya. In what feels like a full circle moment, both women are showing the power of uplifting female-driven stories and projects.

“She Plays We Win” was released on July 28 and is available for purchase via