New Book: Today’s Wonder Women: Everyday Superheroes Who Are Changing The World!

If you’ve been a GTHQ reader for a while you are probably already familiar with our recent series, Today’s Wonder Women, which we started in 2018 as a way to elevate the stories of women who are doing badass, inspiring things and deserve more of the spotlight.

The series got the attention of the right people and in 2019, author and founder Asha Dahya was given an offer to turn this into a book! Collating her work interviewing and profiling numerous women throughout the years on this blog, she selected 50 women to be featured in the book, released March 18, 2020, titled ‘Today’s Wonder Women: Everyday Superheroes Who Are Changing The World’ (Dover Publications/Ixia Press).

Released just in time for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March and Mother’s Day coming up, Asha invites readers to meet the women and female-identifying heroes who have defied death, flouted cultural norms, and risen above poverty to become CEOs, entrepreneurs, activists, role models, media moguls, and movement creators.

This collection of stories, essays, and interviews celebrates their superpowers: love, determination, vision, and grit. Fifty women share their wisdom and advice in ways that will inspire you to discover your own superpower.

Each story will transport you into the life and perspective of a woman who dares to challenge the status quo, dismantle barriers, and empower those around her. Featured heroes include:

Haben Girma, the first deafblind student to graduate from Harvard Law School and work as a civil rights attorney and activist for disability rights.

Alexa Carlin, a CEO at the age of 17 who overcame a 1% chance of surviving sepsis and started the Women Empowerment Expo.

Shira Tarantino, activist and gun control advocate and founder of the ENOUGH Campaign.

• Laverne Delgado, program director of Fashion & Freedom, an organization that rescues victims of sex trafficking and helps them learn skills to enter the fashion industry.

And that’s just the start. Drawing on her extensive experience as a sought-after speaker, media commentator, and female empowerment content creator, Asha is sharing her passion of female-driven storytelling with the world at a time when society is craving it. The author believes we are living in an exciting time for women’s voices and leadership.

“I am inspired by those who rise up, take a stand, create new pathways and refuse to be limited in pursuing their potential. This book speaks to the young girl in me who has dreamed of seeing such a rich landscape of the female experience for years. With TODAY’S WONDER WOMEN I can finally see that dream come to life and I am thrilled that readers will get to share in this journey with me,” she said.

You can buy the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Target books now! Be sure to write a review and use the hashtag #TodaysWonderWomen on social media.


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