New British School Exams Based on Body Image & Self Esteem Workshops

In May this year, British members of parliament discussed an inquiry that revealed more than half of the UK public have a negative body image about themselves. In a country of over 62 million people, if body (dis)satisfaction is the cause of low self-esteem, that’s a lot of negative attitudes being carried around out day to day.

Body Image is also the subject of a new BBC Three programming schedule called The Body Beautiful Season which is a range of docu-series exploring the sad statistics that more and more young people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the way they look, backing up the parliamentary inquiry.

In steps the Central YMCA organization in a bid to change all of this, starting at the level it all begins: school. They are creating the country’s first High School exam qualification based on Body Image, and will include lessons aimed at developing a healthy attitude to eating and exercise.

Once this is approved by the Exam board in Britain, instead of typical essays or written exams, teachers will instead assess a student’s understanding of positive and negative images as portrayed by the media. YMCA are hoping they will be able to start this great and very important initiative by the start of the school year in 2013, turning “confident kids into confident adults”.

It is really encouraging to see Britain creating such a great initiative, hearing the Government acknowledge their part (in the video below), and the media giving a voice to important issues like this. If you can’t watch the video or don’t have a Flash Player you can CLICK HERE to watch the BBC News video report.

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What do you think about this new British School exam based on self-esteem and confidence building? Do you think it should be included in school curriculums all over the world?

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