New CBD Product from Tamra Judge For International Women’s Day

As many people now know, the former star of Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge, has now left the show and embarked upon her own business venture. The popular star has branched out in the CBD market, which is rocketing in terms of popularity. She now has her own CBD empire with her company, VenaCBD, which sells a range of Vena CBD oil products designed to cater to a variety of needs, preferences, and budgets.

The star, aged 52, has recently announced that she wants everyone to feel good with her products, and has also revealed that she is releasing a new product in March to mark International Women’s Day. While she has not yet provided specifics about the product, due for release on March 8th, she has given some teaser information for her fans.

Bringing New Products to the Table

Tamra has stated that her CBD company is keen to bring out new and highly beneficial products on a regular basis. With regard to the new product for women, she said that it is a product designed to boost women’s health and it is a CBD product that can help with menstrual cramps, periods, and issues of a similar nature. She also revealed that the product contains a range of beneficial ingredients including cinnamon and valerian root.

Tamra also stated that she took pride in being involved with new product creation such as the women’s product that is due for release. While she laughed off the prospect of being involved in tasks such as customer service and administration, she is very involved in the product side of the business and said that she attends regular meetings at the Laguna Hills office to work out the finer details of new products.

She also plans to continue working on new products after the release of this latest one. She told reporters that she is always working on exciting projects and that she now has the extra time available since she is no longer working on Real Housewives of Orange County. She added that she was now earning income in a variety of different ways and that she had done all sorts of projects from real estate to selling on eBay over the years.

Tamra did also say that she had a lot of family issues that she was dealing with at the moment, which many will already know following the revelation that her ex-husband was diagnosed with cancer. However, while Tamra continues to deal with these family issues, she is also throwing herself into her new CBD company and the addition of new products.

Great Timing for Tamra

With CBD products having gained huge popularity over the past year or two, this is great timing for Tamra, as it means that lots of people will be interested in the products. The fact that she is a household name with further enhance her brand and add to her success when it comes to her CBD business.

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