New LEGO “Research Institute Kit” Is A Female Science-Fest!



Remember back in June when we wrote about the upcoming science figurine set which Lego was about to release? Well the wait is over, and now parents can put their faith back in toy manufacturers knowing there are more and more diverse toys being offered to their daughters, not just the typical offerings from the pink toy aisle.

Geologist Ellen Koojiman submitted the designs for a new set of female Lego figurines and was the winner of the 2014 Lego Ideas where people send in ideas for how to improve the toy line and they are voted on by fans. The ‘Research Institute Kit’ features 3 STEM-tastic female characters: a paleontologist, an astronomer, and a chemist.

This may seem a little insignificant what with the plethora of toys available for young girls, but we live in a society where the younger generation are raised as digital natives, and can’t escape the bombardment of negative and damaging role models shown by the media. So how else are they going to be inspired to become engineers, mathematicians, scientists, explorers etc? How can they be what they can’t see?

It is up to parents to help shape a child’s notion of what is possible, and it is up to manufacturers and creators to offer a diverse range of products that can ignite a child’s imagination beyond the tired gender lines we are so used to seeing.

According to statistics, women make up 40% of STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) graduates in the US, but only hold approximately 25% of those types of jobs in the workforce. STEM industries are growing faster than any other, by 300%! Girls cannot be left out of the equation and deserve just as much opportunity to get interested from an early age about these types of careers.

There are over 3 million unfilled STEM jobs in the USA, and since women make up half the population, this new Lego line is an amazing incentive to boost the job market for young women.

In 2013 Lego released their first ever female scientist figurine, which was part of the “friends” aimed specifically at girls. This new set seems to be the latest in an effort to cater to all types of girls and diversify their brand.

The ‘Research Institute Kit’ retails for $19.99 USD, which may appease 7-year-old Charlotte Benjamin who famously wrote a scathing letter to Lego pointing out that they don’t make enough female characters that do cool stuff like explore and “swim with sharks”. While the shark-diving Lego figurine has yet to be announced (but it may only be a matter of time!) we think Ms. Benjamin will be mighty impressed that her wishes have come true not only for her, but all the other young girls who want to play with toys that don’t restrict their imaginations.




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