New Marriage Traditions Every Millennial Woman Needs To Adopt


Today’s woman is looking for something so much more than in any other generation and when it comes to love and marriage, this is an absolute truth. So what is today’s millennial looking for and how are they setting the stage for new traditions? You just might be surprised at what you learn!

To say that today’s young woman is looking for something more is correct but it may not be the whole truth. According to statistics as related by Goldman Sachs, millennials are slower to leave the nest. Whereas in 1968 more than half of those between the ages of 18 and 30 were married and living in their own homes, in the year 2012 that percentage had dwindled to a mere 23%.

This appears to indicate that they are indeed looking for something more out of marriage but it is perhaps a case of ‘quality’ over ‘quantity.’ Today’s woman wants a quality of life that enables her to live a comfortable and social lifestyle. All key indicators point to the fact that she is willing to wait for Mr. Right and knows what she is looking for.

One of the biggest considerations that a great number of today’s younger generation keeps constantly in the forefront is the fact that many grew up or reached adulthood in what has been termed the ‘Great Recession.’ Money was tight even among top earners who previously didn’t fear for their financial futures. The bottom dropped out of the real estate market and snowballed from there.

Seeing their parents worry and struggle, many opted to stay at home until a time when they could reach a level of financial security themselves. Also, it is important to keep in mind wedding traditions here. Typically the bride’s family paid the wedding costs and with money so tight, that fairy tale wedding often had to get put on hold.


Now that the economy is recovering and prospects are looking up, why are so many millennials still opting to live at home for longer periods of time? Of course, part of the reason is that they have the mindset that tells them stability before freedom. However, that is really only a small part of what seems to be happening here. Today’s youth are highly social and as a result, they spend more time with their peers than in any other generation. However, this is with a slant.

They don’t get together as much to go clubbing but are seen on their cell phones throughout their waking hours. There is some concern among sociologists and psychologists that this is breaking down interpersonal relationships as we knew them. It could also reflect a change in the way those relationships are being shaped. It is no longer ‘boy meets girl’ in the physical realm but more and more young people are meeting online on social sites. It does take longer to ‘connect’ with someone you haven’t actually seen in the real world.

Actually, there are two ways of looking at this new social phenomenon among millennials. Yes, it does take longer to connect and no, you don’t always know what you are getting. However, when you do connect, if you experience that ‘magic moment’ then you are well into the relationship from the moment you first lay eyes on each other. Why? The reason is simple. You’ve already established a relationship, probably spent hundreds if not thousands of hours communicating online so you have learned all about the other’s thoughts and feelings in a totally non-threatening way.

Now, when it’s time to set the stage for the ‘love and marriage’ leg of the journey, millennials have a strong foundation upon which to build their trust. Given the fact that most have stayed in the family home longer, have had time to accrue some amount of savings and really know what they want by this point in time, that fairy tale wedding can be a reality after all. Millennials often view the perfect wedding venues in hot cultural hubs like Los Angeles that are really just that – a hot bed of social activity.

So, are millennials simply more reluctant to commit to a lasting relationship or are they just looking for something more than in previous generations? It’s probably a bit of both. Millennials do want more from their relationships and they do want to know they will withstand the test of time, but they want to sow their social oats first. Given the history of divorce in this country, that’s something to be proud of. Why not wait longer for Mr. Right? Don’t worry, there are plenty of them out there in this totally social world.


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