New Organization Looks Set To Support Women In Gaming

Women have broken down barriers across so many areas in recent years, but it particularly feels like their presence is being felt more than ever in the world of gaming.

There finally seems to be some clear acknowledgement of just how many female gamers are actually out there, with figures quoted by Statista estimating that women accounted for 46 percent of the total gaming population in the US in 2019.

Now, reports have emerged that a new company has been launched which aims to push the role of women in the sector even further.

Queens Gaming Collective

Earlier this month, eSports Insider revealed that the Queens Gaming Collective – or QGC – had officially been launched following a $1.5 million seed round. The gaming lifestyle brand is described as a female-led organization and its primary aim is to help women develop their careers in the area, whether they are involved in eSports or simply work to create content or stream.

eSports Insider outlined that QGC has a range of strategic investors, while it has also selected a number of players and content creators to represent it. These include the likes of bunnymightgameeu and cosplayer Kiera Please. Razer has also been announced as the official equipment partner of the organization.

Talking to the website about the launch, QGC co-founder and chairman Justin J Giangrande said the organization had “incomparable expertise” and aimed to empower women with “long-overdue resources”.

A crucial time

The creation of the female-led organization has perhaps come at a crucial time, as there appears to be huge interest in both eSports and gaming at present. Competitive gaming events seem to be attracting more attention than ever before, with the eSports industry generating major revenues. In October, Newzoo stated that the sector may generate around $950.3 million this year alone, while that figure could rise to $1,598.2 million by 2023.

Gaming in its many forms is also doing very well. Fresh innovations and technologies are emerging all of the time, from new consoles to platforms such as cloud gaming. Mobile gaming has also become incredibly popular, with research by App Annie earlier this year suggesting that such titles generate around one billion downloads each week. 

Finally, the online casino industry is also thriving globally and this has been highlighted by sites such as, which showcases the range of brands now offering such services in the US. Competition in the area is high and, by clicking here, you will see the range of bonuses that sites are promoting as they look to attract new players.

Positive developments

Considering the massive success that gaming appears to be enjoying at the moment, it is hugely positive to see an organization emerge which looks set to provide vital support to women as they look to build a career in the sector.

It will be fascinating to see just how prominent a brand like QGC becomes, as well as how the role of women working across the industry develops in the months and years ahead.

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