New Study Shows The Work Schedule & Habits Of 40 Successful People

Small and big business leaders alike need to juggle an awful lot of plates under an awful lot of pressure. Faced with a myriad of responsibilities in a high-pressure environment, how do the world’s top business leaders maximize their working time? And could looking at their routines help us juggle our own daily tasks?

OnDeck analyzed the work routines of 40 big business leaders to see how they achieved superhuman feats without burning out. Providing a roadmap to productivity, the team created a series of images that breaks down the working routines of top CEOs. OnDeck also produced a timeline that reveals the average time these high-fliers, as a group, perform each of their work-based activities.

Looking at the top entrepreneur daily schedules below, none of them fit the ‘average’ perfectly. Some like to throw a (literal) wild card in to keep things fresh: “After I walk the dogs around the yard, I make my favorite espresso. As I wait for the brew to froth, I pull out a card from my 365 Gathered Truths box,” Oprah Winfrey tells Harper’s Bazaar. “I read five of them each morning; it’s a beautiful way to start the day.”

And what about when circumstances force the routine off the rails, and you find yourself working around the clock, chasing your tail? When the schedule fails, discipline needs to step in. Few people experience this as lucidly as Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who went into overdrive when COVID-19 hit the world:

“I was foolish and just thought I could get away with almost no sleep. I mean, like three hours a night. I did that for a few weeks, and it almost killed me. Thank goodness I have a very intelligent and clinically skilled wife who turned things around and said, ‘You got to remember to eat, and you’ve got to remember to sleep.’”

It’s especially excellent advice for small business owners. Your schedule is more than a routine – it’s a map to wealth, health, and happiness. If you should be forced off track, be sure to take care of your vehicle.