New Survey Shows Men Fantasize about Sex with Strangers, While Women Focus on Romance

Fantasy is considered a vital part of the sex lives of all people, but a new survey by LoveHoney has shown that more men fantasize about having sex with people they don’t know. Women, meanwhile, often fantasize about having romantic sex. Men who dream of having sex with someone else can be deeply committed to their partner.

As stated by the author, Brett Carr (who wrote ‘Who’s Been Sleeping In Your Head?’), feeling guilty about fantasies is futile, since around 90 per cent of people have fantasized about someone other than their current intimate partner. Carr has based his findings on surveys answered by around 20,000 people.

Men Fantasize More

Men spend double the time fantasizing about sex as women and not only do they fantasize about strangers, but also about being with two partners at once, having sex in a novel place, and watching others partake in the act of lovemaking. Their fantasies also tend to be more sexually explicit. That is, when speaking about the topic, they often mention specific body parts (including the positioning of their own and their partner’s bodies). 

Romance Does it for Women

Women have more emotional and romantic content in their fantasies. When describing their fantasies, they frequently mention the backdrop to their sexual encounter. For instance, they might imagine they are on a beach or in a garden, and they may focus on the prelude to the big moment. For instance, they may mention Champagne and roses. Therefore, makers of erotic gadgets for women typically include romantic symbols in their designs. These can range from naughty but nice inya rose stimulators to ‘tuxedo-clad’ devices that can stimulate the body through vibrational waves.

The Difference Lies in the Anatomy

The reason postulated for the difference in fantasy type is the anatomy. Vulvas usually take longer to get fully aroused, which is why loving, passionate sex is the stuff some women’s fantasies are made of. By providing a backdrop story or setting, they can take the time they need to build up to heightened desire.

Communication is Key

There are many fantasies that can be safely fulfilled in a way that is pleasing to both partners. This is why communication is key to a satisfying sex life. Couples may wish to introduce sex toys and role plays into their lovemaking, but be reluctant to bring the idea up. Those who are shy about mentioning their desires can try doing so for the first time during a relaxed, joyful moment. They can also talk about recent studies and common fantasies, relating these to their own desires and making specific suggestions. 

A new survey by LoveHoney indicates that men and women frequently fantasize about different things. For men, novelty plays a key role in arousal. For women, on the other hand, passion and romance are the star players. Because fantasy can enrich a couple’s sex life, talking about one’s ‘secret desires’ in a safe, playful manner can be the first step towards making one’s fantasies a reality.

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