New Women’s Magazine Vowing NEVER To Use Photoshop!

Have you ever dreamed out loud about a world that is photoshop or airbrush free when it comes to images in the media and magazines? We often get told that it is never going to happen and we might as well get used to the status quo. Yep, there are attitudes like that which still exist in the world (sadly). Thankfully, there are also other people who decided that they have the power to make a change and work toward it.

The popular saying by Chinese philosopher Laozi “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and that’s exactly what this story is about. A group of girls from New York decided they were fed up with the same old manipulated images being thrown at them and millions of others around the world, they decided they wanted to start a magazine which is 100% photoshop free!

It is called Verily magazine and was started by Kara Eschbach and Janet Sahm, who used to work for Elle Magazine. They banded together with five other ladies, to form a group who want to bring a different type of content to women in the world. They came together in 2011 when the idea was formed, and officially launched the mag in May 2012.

Verily magazine

Their website mission states “Verily is a new kind of women’s magazine: one that celebrates the best of who you are. We feature fashion that is worthy of the woman, relationship articles that go beyond sex tips, and strong cultural and lifestyle journalism.” Their policy on photoshop is clearly laid out also.

“Whereas other magazines photoshop to achieve the “ideal” body type or leave a maximum of three wrinkles, we never alter the body or face structure of our models with Photoshop. We firmly believe that the unique features of women — be it crows feet, freckles, or a less-than-rock-hard body — contribute to their beauty and therefore don’t need to be removed or changed.”

They read a study conducted by Dove in 2004 which stated “When it comes to strictly physical attributes, the images of manufactured femininity are rejected as being too narrow, as inauthentic and as insufficient,” according to Dr. Susie Orbach. This seemed like the perfect recipe for them to create something different to what was already on the market.

Verily Magazine

There are companies, brands and even a few magazines who are listening more to their consumers who want to see less photoshop. Vogue UK’s editor in chief is responsible for green-lighting a documentary about the damaging effects of photoshop on young women’s body ideals, which will be shown in high schools throughout England.

But this is the first time an entire lifestyle magazine will be devoid of alterations when it comes to human beings. Bravo!

Verily’s PR manager and contributing editor Ashley Crouch has a promise for you: ”We’ll never photoshop the face or body structure of our models.”

“Many women’s magazines present a one-dimensional perspective when it comes to women,” she told The Daily Caller, which means they are aiming to appeal to a wider range of readers.

We want to make it publicly known how much we love and support this new magazine! We love that every image you see is exactly what that person looks like in real life. It’s finally a place where young women can go, and not just be overloaded with sex tips after sex tips, fashion, celebrities and all the other superficial things that exist. Women want more from their media and this magazine is going a long way to reflecting more of the society than a lot, despite how popular other magazines are.
Who’s to say there can’t be a new standard of excellence when it comes images of women in magazines? Thank you to this group of awesome dynamic, smart and thoughtful women who are willing to offer something different to us! Keep up the great work and keep spreading the right message. We can only imagine the positive impact this will have on girls’ self esteem and confidence, when they turn the pages and click on images that are more authentic.
Like that Chinese proverb, we are apt to be reminded that all it takes is one person willing to be set apart and starting a trend that is important. Perhaps in the future this new magazine will influence the big guns of the industry and teach them a thing or two about what women really want to see.


  1. Good for them! It is time to be real!!

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