Nicole Scherzinger Conquers Her Demons In Her New Album ‘Big Fat Lie


Mega-babe and mega-voice Nicole Scherzinger has no qualms about keepin’ it real. She has opened up in the past about her struggles with an eating disorder and the body image issues she battled with during her Pussycat Dolls and early solo career days.

It seems ever since she re-located to the UK after a stint on ‘The X Factor’ TV show there, the change of scenery has enabled her to embrace a new lease on life. And for a major celeb like her to open up about her problems, it says a lot in the way of maturity and not trying to portray this false sense of “perfection” which we are sold too much of in the media.

Her new album, called ‘Big Fat Lie’ kinda echoes all of what she has learned from experience, and wants to share that with her fans. Now she is speaking to the UK media about her journey and isn’t afraid to open up some past wounds.

In an interview with the Evening Standard she says she never felt like she was valuable, even though she was on top of the world in terms of her career.

“[I felt] I wasn’t enough, that I wasn’t pretty, that I was fat, and that I wasn’t worthy of more”.

“It’s a very personal album to me. It’s a transitional album, and it’s very honest and authentic,” she said, also adding that recording this new album was like “therapy” for her.

“I’m in a different place in my life now. I feel a bit more confident and comfortable in my own skin to be able to talk about things that I hadn’t talked about before. I’m addressing some issues and things I’ve battled with in my life in the album and hopefully people can feel like they can relate to it.”


“It feels good to be truthful because not everyone’s perfect. Everyone always has these pre-conceived notions — that you’re glamorous, you don’t have any problems, you don’t have any issues, and we all battle with our own issues.”

We can’t get enough of celebrities using their platform as a form of currency to spread positivity in the world! To understand that so many young women look up to her and wanting them to learn what she had to the hard way says a lot about her heart and her courage.

In an appearance on a UK morning show Nicole performed her latest single and explained the meaning behind ‘Big Fat Lie’.

“The biggest lies are the lies we tell ourselves. I’m addressing some personal issues that I’ve had in the past that I’ve conquered and moved forward from.”

Being a role model is a big deal to her as she knows how powerful speaking up and sharing her vulnerabilities can be.

“I want to be a voice and a light for other people. Sometimes we have these voices in our heads; we all have our own issues or demons that just hold us back and keep us feeling small and less than. I’m human just like everybody else and I break just like everybody else and hopefully people find this album honest and relatable.”


This album is only her second solo album since leaving PCD and it seems this one will leave a mark in a hugely positive way. Back in 2012 she revealed that it took her so long to admit to the public about her 8-year battle with bulimia because she didn’t want to “play the victim” and she didn’t want her family to be hurt hearing these awful things.

While we recognize that Nicole’s is only one voice in the important public discourse that needs to continue about the link between media pressure and eating disorders and negative body image, it is also important for everyday men and women to feel the courage to speak up and empower those around them.

The world becomes a lot smaller once we realize there are others just like us waiting to hear our voice.

If there’s one thing you can take away from Nicole bravely opening up about her struggle, it’s that you are not alone, and even the people who live a glamorous life struggle in the same way. So let’s get rid of the idea that perfection is something to be attained, and let’s work on being the best version of ourselves in the hope that it can be a source of inspiration to someone else.

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