Nobody Puts Nicki Minaj In A Gender Category. She’s A Rapper, Got It?


Nicki Minaj ain’t the type of girl to mince her words or shrink back into the shadows. So when MTV news asked her about being identified as a ‘female rapper’ she sounded off in a way that made us give her mad props.

Sure she is known for her controversial antics, lyrics and music videos, but what high-profile musician isn’t these days? It seems being somewhat controversial is part of the whole package, or having that X factor, if you will.

What she said in this interview was a very timely message about gender segregation in the media and entertainment. Nicki talks about wanting respect from the industry because she has achieved far too much to be identified in just the female category.

Having sold over 5 million records worldwide, being the only female rapper on Forbes’ Hip Hop Cash Kings list 3 years in a row, and earning seven BET Awards, four American Music Awards, two MTV Music Awards, an MTV Europe Music Award, and five Billboard Music Awards, she’s no small fry in the rap and hip hop genre.

Regardless of her well-known feuds with rapper Lil Kim and Mariah Carey (after their ill-fated appearance as judges on American Idol in 2013), she knows where she stands and says going up against the “greats” in the rap world, she had proved herself time and time again.

“I do not see myself as a female rapper anymore, I’m sorry,” she told MTV News. “I see myself as a rapper.

People like Rick Ross and Lil Wayne have called her ‘the greatest’ and talk about how she never ceases to amaze them.

“I’ve worked with the greats and I’ve held my own with the greats and they respect me,” she said. “So I should respect myself enough to see myself the same way they see themselves.”

Not only is she simply a great rapper, but a pioneer too. The rap/hip hop genre has never seen anything like Nicki Minaj, her wigs, her alter-egos and bizarre antics that have crossed over into multiple genres, gaining her a tonne of fans that perhaps many other male rappers could never have done.

It happens a lot in many industries where women are singled out for their achievements, but only in their own categories. While we are all for highlighting these women for the sake of inspiring others who come after them, it’s also important to show them in a context among men. Nicki Minaj may be a controversial character, but she sure has put female rappers on the map and has broken down many stereotypes with her achievements.

Check out the interview with MTV News below, where she also talks about her new movie ‘The Other Woman’ with Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann & Kate Upton.

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