Occult Expert & Podcast Host On The Magick Of Sobriety And Why She Chose This Path

By Ashley Ryan

In a world that often glorifies excess and indulgence, choosing a sober lifestyle becomes a remarkable choice—one that unlocks a truly magical way of living. The Delphic maxims, inscribed at the Temple of Apollo in Ancient Greece, include the timeless wisdom of “Know thyself and nothing in excess.” These words resonate deeply with the Pythia, the Priestesses of Apollo, who lived a spiritual life in service to the Divine.

Coming to Know Yourself is a lifelong journey of the mind, cultivated through years of self-reflection to achieve clarity, authenticity, and spiritual wisdom. In my younger years during the early 2010s, I was a wild child, reveling in the recklessness of youth during my undergrad days. I lived a life inspired by American television and rap songs—partying all night and sleeping all day. It was cool to be out of control and carefree.

Alcohol seemed to offer the adult freedom I craved, a ticket to relaxation, silliness, and brutal honesty. I made friends and gained popularity, but I also danced dangerously close to the edge. I engaged in dangerous activities that could have cost me my life, such as getting in a car with a drunk driver. At 23, who doesn’t feel invincible?

My relationship with alcohol transformed when I moved to Los Angeles for graduate school. The charm of alcohol outside the college campus faded away. I attended graduate parties where alcohol was no longer a symbol of adult freedom but more akin to an adult prison. It lead leading to emotional numbness, disconnection, physical fights, job losses, and property damage.

Around 2016, I embarked on a spiritual journey, practicing mindfulness techniques. I discovered that alcohol prevented me from being truly present, shrouding my awareness in a fog of inebriation. My research unveiled a startling fact: the body treats alcohol as poison, explaining the torment of hangovers. This realization was a significant push for me to cease drinking alcohol.

However, this transformation came at a cost. I was no longer the life of the party, and my choice to sip Shirley Temples instead of whiskey sours raised eyebrows. It felt as if I had violated an unspoken rule, and the pressure to “have just one drink” became a burden. Disheartened by the lack of respect for my boundaries, I distanced myself from these people who were more drinking companions than true friends. I was very lonely.

As I shed layers of escapism through meditation, I became more in tune with my emotions. I unearthed hidden anger, frustration, entitlement, and distorted thinking patterns. I was so overwhelmed and lost that I began hypnotherapy. As a professional tarot reader, I know that each card deck mirrors facets of our life journey. This very painful period of my life was like the Hermit tarot card, I withdrew from the world to ascend into the mountains of self-reflection.

Sobriety gifts us with mindfulness and a present state of mind, allowing self-awareness to flourish. I became acutely aware, recognizing the subconsciously programmed patterns that had been causing self-destructive behavior. Although I had never been addicted to alcohol, I had been using it as a crutch for social comfort. Delving deeper into my spiritual journey, I confronted a world that often pressures us to overindulge and seek escape in sex, alcohol, drugs, gambling, TikTok, and other worldly

But opting for sobriety was a humble step towards self-discovery and empowerment. At its core, sobriety is about embracing a life of clarity and authenticity. Stepping away from the haze of substance use, with humility and surrender to the Divine, provided me with an opportunity to reconnect with myself and the Divine.

I spent more time reading and attending occult classes lectures than frequenting bars. It was through this authentic expression of myself that I discovered the magickal group that would initiate me in 2020, and receive the formal title of Priestess. This initiation chapter in my life reflected the energies of the Chariot tarot card. The imagery of this card may be related to the allegory of The Charioteer by Plato, a topic I had studied during my undergraduate years.

In this allegory, three characters are featured: The Charioteer (Reason), the Black (or Dark) Horse (representing Appetites—food, drink, sex, and material wealth), and the White Horse (Thumos or Spiritedness—lover of victory, glory, and honor). Each horse possesses its own strengths and weaknesses. When either horse becomes unruly, the chariot falls over. In my earlier years, I had certainly let my appetites rule, causing my chariot to fall over.

Plato’s allegory teaches us that the masterful charioteer, representing Reason, balances the desires, identifying the true ones leading to virtue and guiding the horses toward them. My purpose and desire are to be a good priestess for my community, serving as the handmaiden to the Divine. I am here assist people in reconnecting with their Divinity, cultivating virtue in their lives, and discovering their Higher Self.

To rejuvenate myself, I choose natural dopamine boosts like yoga, reading, and meditation. My body has become a vessel of positive energy, allowing my connection to Spirit to be as clear as possible. Through abstaining from alcohol I have tapped into my inner well of creativity, channeling emotions, thoughts, and experiences into inner reflection, contemplation of the divine, and healing for others.

This is the true magic of sobriety.

Want to follow in Ashley’s footsteps down the magickal path of sobriety? Below she has shared 4 alcohol-free cocktail recipes you can indulge in.

Magical Mocktails

Created by Ashley Ryan, PythianPriestess

1. “Call in Money Libation”

Guiding Tarot Card – Ace of Pentacles.

The “Call in Money Libation” is a delightful fusion of tropical sweetness balanced with refreshing herbal notes of mint, creating a magical brew for manifesting financial abundance and prosperity.

The guiding Tarot Card that lights our path is the Ace of Pentacles. The radiant energy of the Ace of Pentacles, the Tarot Card of new beginnings and material prosperity, this brew becomes a sacred pathway to unlock the potential for financial growth and stability.

Embrace the Sun and Mercury energies, two celestial forces infusing this potion with magnetic energies. As the Sun shines its warm rays, it bestows the essence of monetary abundance upon us. Meanwhile, Mercury, the swift messenger of the heavens, brings the powers of communication and swift manifestation.


– 4 oz Pineapple juice (ruled by the Sun) – The embodiment of monetary abundance.

– 0.5 oz simple syrup or agave – A sweet nectar to harmonize the energies.

– 1 oz club soda – Effervescence to uplift and amplify our intentions.

– 8 Mint leaves (2 for garnish) (associated with Mercury) – Bringing the powers of communication and swift manifestation.


– Mint leaves (ruled by Mercury) – To enhance the spell’s potency for prosperity.

– Ice cubes – Crystals of coolness to temper the warmth of the Sun.

– Tajin & sugar – A blend of spices, adding a touch of fiery magic to our brew. 

Creating a sacred circle on the rim of the glass to bind our intention.

Preparing the Potion:

Step 1
Begin the sacred ritual by setting two small bowls before you. In the first bowl, combine the Tajin and sugar, mingling their energies like the dance of planets. In the second bowl, add a few drops of water, representing the element of fluidity and connection. Dip the rim of each glass into the water and then into the enchanted Tajin mixture, forming a ring of divine protection and attraction.

Step 2
Take a moment to connect with the pineapple, lime, and mint leaves, acknowledging their planetary influences. In a large cocktail shaker or pitcher, place the pineapple, lime, and mint leaves, and with your muddler, gently crush them to release their fragrant essences, awakening the spirits of abundance.

Step 3
Pour the pineapple juice and club soda into the shaker, infusing it with the essence of the Sun and Mercury. For those seeking a sweeter path, incorporate simple syrup or agave to sweeten the journey.

Step 4
Stir the brew or shake it, allowing the energies to meld and fuse harmoniously.

Step 5
Fill each glass with ice’s pure and cooling power, a reminder that balance is key to harnessing the cosmic forces.

Step 6
Divide the potion among the glasses, ensuring prosperity flows to all who partake.

Step 7
Now, affix the pineapple and lime on the edge of the glass. Grace the surface of this mystical brew with a floating mint leaf, signifying swiftness and success.

Step 8
The spell is cast! שip from the chalice of the “Call in Money Libation” and watch as the universe conspires to fulfill your desires. Blessed be!

2. “Intuition Elixir”

Guiding Tarot Card – High Priestess

The “Intuition Elixir” is a drink and a gateway to the sacred realm of intuition and feminine wisdom. With each sip of fusion of luscious Pomegranate and vibrant Orange, sweetened with harmonious honey syrup, and adorned with mint and Cinnamon, you awaken the High Priestess within, unlocking your inner knowing and embracing the enchantment of the unseen. 

The guiding Tarot Card the High Priestess embodies intuitive wisdom and the mysteries of the unseen. As we venture into the creation of the “Intuition Elixir,” we tap into her profound influence, guided by the divine feminine energy that holds the keys to our inner truths.

In this alchemical endeavor, we unify Venus and the Sun. The luscious Pomegranate, ruled by Venus, embodies the essence of femininity and awakens our intuitive connection to the universe’s well-guarded secrets. On the other hand, the vibrant Orange, ruled by the Sun, radiates masculine energies, illuminating our path with clarity and insight.


– 4 oz Pomegranate (ruled by Venus) – Embodying the feminine energies, awakening our intuitive connection.

– 2 oz Orange (ruled by the Sun) – Radiating the Solar, masculine energies, illuminating our path with clarity.

– 1 oz simple syrup (1/2 honey, 1/2 water) (ruled by Venus and the Moon) – A harmonious blend of sweetness to bind the energies together.


– Orange slice – Symbolizing the Sun’s Solar power, infusing the elixir with its vitality.

– Pomegranate arils – Reflecting the fertile and transformative essence of Venus, igniting our intuitive senses.

– Cinnamon stick – A wand of ancient wisdom, enhancing the elixir’s enchanting properties.

Preparing the Potion

Step 1
Begin the enchanting ritual by combining honey and water in a small saucepan over medium heat. As the syrup gently simmers and thickens, it symbolizes the transformation and potent magic at work. Transfer it to a small jar, allowing its essence to come to full potency like a sacred elixir of wisdom.

Step 2
You’ll find the perfect vessel for this alchemical fusion in a magical cocktail shaker. Gently muddle fresh mint leaves, releasing their sacred vibrations into the elixir, infusing it with their enchanting essence. Pour the mesmerizing Pomegranate and radiant Orange juices, along with ice, into the shaker, blending the elements like cosmic harmony coming to life.

Step 3 
Feel the grounding energy as you fill two rock glasses with ice, invoking the element of stability to anchor your intuitive insights. Pour the elixir into the glasses, symbolizing the harmonious union of feminine and masculine energies within you. As you raise the glass, you embrace the essence of the High Priestess, unlocking the door to your inner wisdom.

Step 4 
With an artist’s touch, adorn the elixir with a fresh Orange slice, infusing it with the Solar power of enlightenment, illuminating your path through the unknown. Like seeds of intuition, Sprinkle Pomegranate arils ignite your inner wisdom and understanding, embracing your transformational journey. In a final flourish, add a Cinnamon stick, a wand of ancient secrets, enhancing the elixir’s enchanting properties and empowering your intuitive connection to the cosmos.

Step 5 
Embrace a moment of sacred stillness, as if communing with the very essence of the High Priestess herself. Seek her guidance, trusting in your intuitive powers and the mysteries of the unseen, as the veils of wisdom are unveiled before you.

Step 6
As if bestowing a magical gift upon others, offer this divine elixir to those who seek to awaken their inner knowing and intuition, like passing on ancient wisdom in a sacred chalice. Witness the elixir aligning with the essence of the High Priestess, guiding and nurturing their path through the mystical realms.

3. “Witches Self Love Brew” 

Guiding Tarot Card –  The Empress

“Witches Self Love Brew” is a delightful fusion of sweet strawberries, creamy vanilla ice cream, and sparkling grape juice,  to honor and toast to the magic of self-love and inner strength.

The guiding Tarot Card the High Priestess Queen of Cups. She guides you to embrace the depths of self-love and the wellspring of emotions within, as you embark on a journey of inner exploration. Let her mystical influence infuse your brew with intuition and compassion

In this alchemical endeavor, we blend the celestial influences of Venus and the Moon, weaving together the essence of love and intuition, culminating in a bewitching brew. The sweet allure of strawberries ruled by Venus, sparkling grapes bringing a touch of effervescence and glamour of the Moon, mixed with the dreamy essence of vanilla ice cream, is a blend of cosmic influences to celebrate our inner divine power. 


– 6 oz Strawberry soda (ruled by Venus) – Invoking feelings of sweetness and affection.

– 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream (ruled by the Moon) – Bringing comfort and nurturing energy.

– 2 oz Sparkling Grape juice (ruled by the Moon) -The magic of transformation.


– Freeze grapes as ice cubes – Crystalline spheres charged with lunar energies.
– Top with strawberries – Juicy crimson jewels, symbolizing Venus’ tender embrace.

Potion Creation:

Step 1

The alchemical journey begins with a delightful fusion of Venus’s half cup of Strawberry Soda and the Moon’s scoop of velvety Vanilla Ice Cream. Feel the sweetness of self-love and femininity intertwine in your chalice.

Step 2

To further enliven this magical concoction, add the Moon’s sparkling Grape Juice, like stardust infusing your potion with lunar brilliance. Freeze grapes to transform them into sparkling ice cubes, adding a touch of Moon’s sparkle to your brew.

Step 3

Now, in your sacred glass, layer the elements of the potion. Place a sliced strawberry at the bottom, symbolizing the nurturing essence of the Queen of Cups. Add a generous scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, a velvety offering of self-love, and top it with another sliced strawberry, sealing the enchantment.

Step 4

Slowly pour the Venusian Strawberry Soda into your potion, letting its effervescence dance with joy, reflecting the sweetness of self-care and pleasure. Allow the soda’s fizz to settle before continuing, savoring the essence of harmony and balance.

Step 5

With grace, gently pour the sparkling Moon’s Grape Juice, guiding it like a river of dreams and intuition. Let the juice’s effervescence settle before continuing, for it can unlock your inner knowing.

Step 6

As a final touch, garnish your potion with a whole strawberry, keeping its stem attached, like a reminder of the sacred connection between you and your heart. With straw and spoon, savor the love-infused brew you have crafted with tender care.

Step 7
With a loving intention, sip the brew like an elixir of empowerment, and let the love within you bloom like a beautiful flower under the gentle touch of the Moon and Venus. Blessed be!

4. “The Magician’s Potion” 

Guiding Tarot Card –  The Magician

The Guiding Tarot Card is The Magician is associated with manifestation, transformation, and the power of combining elements to create something new.  With the Magician’s influence, this mystical elixir becomes a symbol of harnessing nature’s gifts so we can manifest our intentions. 

In this alchemical endeavor, we have a magical blend of water (representing the flow of emotions and intuition), Venus-ruled honey (symbolizing love and harmony), Mercury-ruled culinary lavender (bringing communication and creative energy), and Moon-ruled lemon juice (adding a touch of emotional depth and connection to the subconscious). 


– 6 Cups Water – representing the flow of emotions and intuition, connecting to the elemental energies of the Moon.

– ½ cup White Granulated Sugar: (ruled by Venus) You can add more or less depending on your preferred level of sweetness – symbolizing the power to sweeten and enhance our intentions.

– ¼ cup Honey: I recommend using local organic honey if you can (ruled by Venus) – invoking the essence of love, attraction, and prosperity into the potion.

– 3 tablespoons Dried Culinary Lavender: Use culinary lavender only! (Ruled by Mercury) – bringing swift manifestation, heightened awareness, and clear communication.

– 2 cups Lemon Juice: Use freshly squeezed lemon juice for the best flavor! Avoid using anything from concentrate (ruled by the Moon) – infusing the potion with lunar energy, intuition, and emotional clarity.

– 6 Drops of Luster Dust: Add celestial sparkle and a touch of enchantment to the potion!
This is optional, of course.


– Rosemary (ruled by the Sun) – symbolizes strength, protection, and enhancing the potion’s energy with solar power.
– Lemon slice (ruled by the Moon) – representing the moon’s connection to emotions and intuition, accentuating the potion’s mystical properties.

Step 1
In a magical cauldron over the stove, combine 2 cups of water and the white granulated sugar, gently bringing the mixture to a boil over medium heat until the sugar dissolves, infusing the potion with the power to sweeten and enhance our intentions.

Step 2
With the cauldron still warm, turn off the heat and add the sacred honey and dried culinary lavender, allowing the potion to steep for 2 hours (adjust to taste for a more subtle lavender essence), invoking swift manifestation and heightened awareness.

Step 3
After the steeping, strain the enchanted liquid, pressing the lavender down to extract all its juices, capturing the essence of clear communication and emotional clarity in the potion.

Step 4
In a large, mystical pitcher, combine 2 cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice, representing the moon’s connection to emotions and intuition, with the lavender-infused mixture, and add the remaining 4 cups of water, symbolizing the flow of emotions and lunar energy.

Step 5
For a touch of enchantment, add six drops of luster dust, enhancing the potion’s allure and making it especially captivating for your magical brunch gatherings.

Step 6
Finally, garnish the potion with lemon slices, further accentuating its lunar properties, and sprinkle lavender petals, symbolizing beauty, transformation, and the powers of Mercury. Serve this mystical elixir over ice, and into the Magician’s ability to manifest, invoke spiritual wisdom, and unlock the secrets of self-discovery.

Ashley Ryan is the host of The Occult Unveiled podcast, an award-winning screenwriter, producer, and personality who illuminates the little-understood aspects of philosophy, theology, history, and Western esotericism. Ashley Ryan spent half her life silently practicing and studying the occult under a veil of secrecy. In 2019, she went public becoming a popular occult expert and witch influencer known as Pythian Priestess (TikTok @pythianpriestess and Instagram  @pythianpriestess). Ashley makes it her mission as a Priestess to assist those searching for spiritual guidance to emerge from behind their veils.

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