The Olsen Twins Give The Middle Finger To Ridic Fashion Standards


The Olsen Twins, 27, are untouchable in the fashion world. Ever since they transitioned out of entertainment 100% and concentrated solely on the empire that made them millionaires, they already became pioneers in their own right of the millennial kind.

It’s a story that we have seen with other celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Jessica Simpson, who both abandoned the very industry which gave them household popularity, choosing instead to venture into the fashion world. It’s hard to imagine both Jessica and Victoria as popstars now!

The Olsen twins are in a league of their own, proving they don’t need to march to the beat of someone else’s drum or follow any leader to be successful. If they followed the advice of everyone around them as they created their fashion line, they probably wouldn’t have been as successful as they are today. Their new designs for The Row collection showcases the brilliance, elegance and rebellion that has allowed them to reach these heights.

Instead of hiring the usual body-type so prevalent in the fashion world (size double zero, white, autonomous face) they did the complete opposite for the line which they are marketing to an older demographic. They cast 65 year old model Linda Rodin alongside other models who aren’t your average fashion bodies, for the 2014 collection.


It is a move which no doubt has shocked the industry, we we think can only be a good thing in the long run.

Rodin, who is a former fashion editor of Harpers Bazaar and now a creator of facial products says it was refreshing to be able to be portrayed as a natural woman in this collection.

“I just look like me! I think that’s why they chose me. I guess I thought it was very raw and honest. I’d be lying to say I love all my wrinkles, but going into it I knew what they wanted. So it’s not surprising to see the results. The confidence they gave me was really crucial.  I loved that I was respected for who I am.   The point was that they picked me for my age. I thought it was quite interesting,” she told Elle magazine.

Ari Seth-Cohen, the founder of Advanced Style, a blog dedicated to fashion for older women said the following about the bold move from the Olsen twins.

“It’s wonderful to see them taking a step in celebrating age and timeless style by casting the effortlessly cool and classic Linda Rodin. Hopefully one day brands will realize that their customer bases reach beyond the young and thin and open their advertising and marketing plans to more diversity.”


Previously, they cast ageless supermodel Lauren Hutton in their 2008 Lookbook, who at the time was 64. It’s clear they have not made their success of the back of sticking to standards.

Rodin goes on to say: “No one ever looked at me when I was 25! It’s a riot…I am proud of myself.

The two other women featured in the campaign are models Ursula Wallis and Esther De Jong. Esther is 39 and also not the typical age of a model you see in a high fashion campaign. She too, like Linda, has had a celebrated modeling career where she was most popular in the early 2000s is now back working on the runways and in campaigns such as this.

The notion that you have to fit into certain standards just to be successful in fashion is ridiculous and also laughable. For those people who give the excuse “But that’s just what sells!” have no idea about the power of the consumer, and truly don’t believe in change.

If one person can set those standards, then another can change them, right? If more people in positions of influence used that platform to promote individuality and uniqueness then we truly believe the possibilities for sales become endless. At that point you are not just selling a fantasy or unrealistic ideal, you are confirming to each consumer who they are and giving them confidence within themselves, not duping them into “buying” it elsewhere.

Fashion and style is not an elite, hipster millionaire club, it is something we all partake in, therefore shouldn’t each of our voices be heard and validated? Thank you Mary-Kate and Ashley for representing a generation of millennial women who are all for diversity and empowerment which is not ruled by a number or status.



  1. Yea, for them. We older women like to look good too and so many of the fashions are just not for us. I like what I’m seeing here. I’m a little more portly than these women, but I would wear these cloths. They are classic and comfy looking. Not clingy and tight enough to show your hair folicles!!

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