“One Girl With Courage Is A Revolution” How Girls In 3rd World Countries Are Fighting For Education

Female education is on the rise and the social and cultural stigmas that held back so many generations is slowly beginning to ebb. While the challenges, stereotypes and battles have not entirely dissipated, there is a worldwide movement that is not going to die anytime soon.

15 year-old Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan has shown courage and bravery in the midst of fire, literally. Being shot by extremists for advocating education for her female peers has not discouraged her mission. Now with the immediacy of online media, her story has reached many other women and men who are standing beside her to fight for the right of all young women everywhere to be educated.

SierreLeone_Girl Rising

In the wake of this uplifting phenomenon comes a documentary called ‘Girl Rising’ which goes into depth about young girls in 3rd world countries who are standing up for their right to an education. Although the film doesn’t officially get released until March 7, a screening was recently held in the US by The Daily Beast. Editor in Chief Tina Brown made the poignant statement “When you educate girls, good things happen.”

The film, from Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins, follows nine different girls in different developing countries and showcases their struggles and stories. These case studies are narrated by a handful of major Hollywod celebrities such as Alica Keys, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, Freida Pinto, Salma Hayek and more.

Cambodia_Girl Rising

Some of the girls in the doco who range from ages 7-13 are facing childhood marriages, acid attacks, and government prevention. The World Bank estimates that young girls, with an extra year of education can earn up to 20% more as an adult. These are not girls who are looking to drape themselves in the latest Chanel accessories or drive the latest Mercedes Benz. They want to help their families put food on the table, help their communities thrive, and become role models to the next generations. 20% is not enough, they should be given the opportunities to earn up to 50% more!

The Education of girls in developing countries isn’t the only type of documentary showcasing this issue. Filmmakers Jason Pollock and Adam McKay, together with Music manager Scooter Braun are highlighting the important of education in general in their upcoming documentary UNDROPPABLE.


Their film sees them going around the United States interviewing teachers and children about why school is important. They have particularly sought out students who are going through a rough time or struggling with other issues that could prevent them from focusing on school. These are the kids who, more than most, want to pursue an education as they see it as they way out of their struggles and providing opportunities for their future that their own parents perhaps weren’t able to give them.

Both Girl Rising and UNDROPPABLE are the types of films we need more of and exist to inspire our younger generation to continue with their education. It is so important to showcase that this is not just a third world country issue. Education is something that every child in every country should have access to. The only way we can improve our futures, have better politicians, better rights & policies and better lives is through education.

India_Girl Rising

To see young girls in war-stricken countries refuse to back down or be told they are not allowed to learn the basics that we take for granted in the western world gives us hope for the future. There are many who will be willing to take the fall, but without those pioneers and revolutionaries there will be no progress.

Take a few minutes to watch the ‘Girl Rising’ trailer and tell us your thoughts below. Have you or anyone you know dealt with any opposition as a woman when it comes to education or even the workplace?

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