Online Financial Resource Making Math Fun For Kids & Keeping Them Engaged While Learning From Home

Parents across the nation are currently grappling with the decision over whether to send their little ones to school in person, keep them home and homeschool, or take advantage of online learning being offered by academic institutions. Back to school season already carries its own anxieties in any normal year, but in 2020, the worry over whether a child is getting the right education and what learning resources to use are increased tenfold.

As CNBC reports, school closures due to the Pandemic could potentially cause an epic in math and literacy skills, up to 50% a quoted study estimates. Given that there is so much uncertainty about what 2021 will look like and no guarantees of life going back to “normal” any time soon, the fear over their kids’ learning trajectory is valid.

The focus on online and remote school has forced many parents to look for ways to keep their kids motivated, as this is a whole new approach to learning that can be a struggle at best for young children to adapt to especially, and for working-at-home parents to help manage.

As more and more parents find creative ways to keep their stay-at-home kids engaged, we are seeing an array of learning tools being offered not just from academic institutions, but from various companies and brands.

One platform that has caught our eye is, because it is offering empowering and important financial resources for adults as well as some fun learning insights for kids. If you are looking for a way to engage your kids in math, you must check out their Complete History Of Calculators For Kids page. Along with the history of counting mechanisms such as the abacus, kids can learn about different types of calculators such as the health calculator, scientific calculator, weather calculator, conversion calculator and more.

From ancient calculators and counting tools to the modern calculator as well as mobile apps, this fascinating evolution also shows how quickly society has the ability to adapt and change – a relevant notion given how the Pandemic has forced us all into a mindset of change.

We all know numbers and math in general can be overwhelming and confusing for those who don’t consider this subject to be their strong suit, but learning doesn’t have to be intimidating as Pigly has shown.

In fact their entire website is all about offering free interactive tools and calculators to teach people about personal finance, all without ads to distract you. Knowing how important keeping kids motivated and engaged is, they have included information about free online math game resources and websites parents can take advantage of.

Adapting to a post-COVID academic world doesn’t have to be stressful, and with resources like Pigly, you can find new ways to be empowered financially while helping kids learn about math in a creative and fun way.

Be sure to check out and their Complete History of Calculators for Kids page.

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