Organizing Parties For Industry Newbies

If you’re reading this, it must mean you are an aspiring party planner who is guided by their drive to make people happy and their passion for the challenge of bringing many elements to produce a mind-blowing celebration; or you believe that you’re ready to join the big leagues where parties aren’t your regular birthday surprise anymore. Event organization is a tough career; especially when you’re still making your way into the industry. It is important to have skilled people on your team. Here are some basic organizing tips from field experts.

The pre-production period is key

We know that you’ve probably whipped up parties within a day or two before, but keep in mind that the bigger a party gets and the more complex it becomes, the more time you’re going to need. So, prior to doing anything, talk to your clients and find out exactly what type of party do they want; their expectations, basically. Then, based on the size of the party they want, you should determine how much pre-production time you need. 

But how much time will you actually need? It depends. Some parties need a year to plan, others can be organized in less than a week. If you’re planning on booking famous entertainers or on-demand DJs; for example, you’re obviously going to have to ask them a long while beforehand. Don’t forget that you’ll have to take care of their trip arrangements, as well. When you compare that to a wedding party, you’ll find that there’s no need for a whole lot of time before the event.

Pay extra attention to the venue

The venue you choose can either make your event the talk of the town or the joke of the town. Not only because it is where a party takes place, but also due to the added perks and overall benefits. According to Hollywood Events, booking a banquet hall is an easy way to get large discounts when it comes to booking rooms in partner hotels. Now imagine having to pay less for your entertainment’s accommodation and transportation; it’s a win for you, and your client. To them, you’ll be the person who gets them what they want for cheaper prices.

However, you should be careful to pick the right venue for your party. If you’re planning a rave, don’t cheap out on a place with an inferior quality sound system`. This leads us to our next point.

Budget vs Quality

So, you’ve decided on the type and size of your party. You have your options for venue and entertainment laid out, your playlist is almost ready, the caterers are awaiting confirmation, and you’ve already planned what additional equipment; props and such, that you still need to buy. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Almost perfect, actually. But, almost is the keyword here.

What was your top priority when picking out everything? Was it to save up money? Or was it to bring your clients the best of the best? Doesn’t matter what your priority is; if you have to choose one, you’re wrong. Your priority should always be both; quality and budget.

Sometimes, you may have to sacrifice one for the other. Nevertheless, everything will equal itself out if you spend a little extra here, and save money on certain aspects where it is warranted. No one needs the best of everything; if your party isn’t centered around food, why hire a Michelin star chef, for example? 

Did you remember to send out your invitations early? Got your guest confirmations? Is everything prepared? These are only three items on a checklist that you should be overly familiar with. It’s important not to forget the small details as well as the bigger items. The final piece of advice is to keep around a checklist that has everything you need. In doing so, you’ll be minimizing any chance of forgetting a crucial item to your event. With all of that in mind, don’t forget to have fun; party organization is your passion after all.

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