Diablo Cody Says There Aren’t Enough Women In The Film Industry

Oscar Winning screenwriter Diablo Cody, best known for her films Young Adult (one of our fave films ever!) Jennifer’s Body, Juno and TV series United States of Tara just to name a few recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the representation of women in the film industry.


The 34 year-old mum of two’s foray into Hollywood was quite an unusual route, not one that we recommend you follow but it’s interesting to not nevertheless! On a whim she decided to apply for a job as a stripped in Minneapolis and did that for a year full time at 24. She wrote a book about it called Candy Girl: A year in the life of an unlikely Stripper. This book landed her a manager who was drawn to her sharp sarcastic voice and was able to secure her a publishing deal. After the success of her book, her manager encouraged her to write a screenplay, which eventually became the well-lauded Juno, and the rest is history!

Speaking to THR about her very busy year ahead, it’s clear that her passion is to see more successful and talented women work their way up to positions of power in the film industry. She says there is a huge need for women who are already in powerful positions, such as Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy, to use their influence to help other up and coming women.

“When the women that do happen to be in positions of power, they need to be advocating for other women. I feel that women are still in the position that one of us gets our foot in the door, we need to let in a bunch of our ladies with us. To me, I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know if it’s just women not helping other women, or if it’s just men who are reluctant to hire women for high-profile positions.”


In our opinion it is both. But first and foremost there aren’t enough women supporting women in all industries. We are our own worst enemies, as a lot of men have observed. So until we start supporting our own kind, why should the other gender follow suit?

Speaking about the fact not one woman was nominated for the Best Director category in this year’s Academy Awards (Zero Dark Thirty‘s Kathryn Bigelow famously being snubbed) Cody, whose real name is Brook Busey-Maurio, said it is incredibly depressing. While there are plenty of up-and-comers, there are a strong group of females who are rising to the top who are not being recognized and she is baffled by it. “Not a single woman nominated for best director, and out of the 12 screenwriting nominees, there is one lady. So one out of 12 ain’t great.”

Her reasoning for wanting more women in Hollywood as writers and directors? We tell better stories than men, she says! “I know there are people who think every story has been told in film, but I’m telling you it hasn’t, because women have not had their proper say. There are stories out there that can only be told from a woman’s perspective that have not been told yet and are going to be told. I think [women] have the advantage of a different and fresh perspective that has not been represented.”

OK female writers, directors, producers and filmmakers, now is your chance. You’ve read the comments from a woman at the top of her game urging more of you to follow suit. Don’t be intimidated by the people who may seem powerful or more accomplished. You have a story to tell and a talent to use. Every creative person has their own unique journey and that’s the beauty of entertainment. While it can be so easy to get caught up in following fads, the reality is that audiences are crying out for more authenticity, and individuality. So what are you waiting for?




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