Our Beauty Exhibit At The Element Eden “Live Learn Grow” Party

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As an Element Eden Advocate team member, our editor-in-chief Asha is part of a creative and inspirational collective of women who are doing great things in their various industries. They include Paralympian Amy Purdy, anti-bullying activists Molly Thompson and Lauren Paul from the Kind Campaign, artist Miya Ando, and many more.

Element held their annual end of year party dedicated to the female advocate Eden team and called it the “Live Learn Grow” event, which is also their slogan. Our contribution to the night was to find out people’s definitions of the word “beauty” and to challenge their perception.

We displayed a mirror on a wall, and asked people “How do you define beauty in one word?” The responses were varied, interesting and empowering. Both guys and gals filled the wall with words which made us realize this is an issue which affects everyone, not just women.

Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant showed up to the event (you can see him in the video below), we were treated to a fun fashion show which displayed the latest awesome threads from Element Eden, and generally had a fun time celebrating creative women and artistic endeavors which are making a difference in the world.

To see more about the Element Eden Advocate program, click HERE.

If you were asked to define “beauty” in one word, what would it be?

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