P Diddy Wants More Women To REVOLT With Him!

A V Rockwell

For those of you thinking rapper and mogul P Diddy has been a little quiet lately, don’t bee fooled by the silence. In fact, his public silence means he is working harder than ever to create the next big revolutionary movement for our generation.

His latest supersonic entertainment adventure is Revolt TV, a network he created to revolutionize media for the younger generation.

“My mission is to bring kids back to television via live and unpredictable music news, performance videos and music videos,” he told USA Today.
His team have been putting the call out, searching for creative and talented people from everywhere to submit themselves via the website.
One of those awesome people was this filmmaker by the name of A.V Rockwell, sure to make waves on the Revolt network. The Queens, NY native was called up by the network as they found out about her film making and were instantly excited about her passion.
AV Rockwell
Rockwell cites Sopfia Coppola and Spike Lee as her film inspirations, but says there aren’t enough female directors. She has a lot to say and Revolt is giving her the chance to be a voice for the women of her generation. “I’m trying to push through the glass ceiling that’s there.”
Rockwell is an alumni of The NYU Tisch School Of The Arts, and has already shot videos for Atlantic Records, BET, Island/Def Jam records and more. Her website is a clear indication of why Revolt and P Diddy chose her, and how she can influence and inspire so many other girls out there to get creative and turn their dreams into a reality.


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