Painting Outside The Lines: How Our Individuality Can Be Our Greatest Strength

By Ramona Pintea

Have you ever noticed how white light through a prism transforms into a rainbow of a million different hues? Our society is much the same. Although humans are fundamentally made up of the same basic elements, we are all uniquely different, too. Each and every single person has a unique voice to offer – and that’s worth celebrating.

As an artist, mother, wife and entrepreneur, I have always been fascinated by the roles of women in society and the essence of womanhood. In my search to understand what makes me unique and what my purpose in life is, I have explored many different pathways – art, religion, spirituality, and lately, the science and psychology of womanhood.

Through this long journey of discovery, I finally found my personal voice, my place of authentic creativity. Although I have been painting figures and exploring similar themes since 2015, no two pieces of art are ever the same. In fact, I am a different person each time I stand at my easel to paint. Some days I am buzzing with ideas that seem to flow forth without effort. Other days, I might bring a more sombre energy to my work. But each time, I am painting with my own creative voice, which has been shaped over many years through my personal values, experiences, struggles and relationships.

Now, my mission is to use that creativity to empower others to find their own voice and embrace their true self. I revel in my passion and love for what I do, not worrying that others may not like or understand it. I am fortunate enough to have found a living in painting and telling the stories I want to share with the world. 

One such story is the Urban Queen series of paintings, which showcases the diversity of female experiences. We all wear so many different hats and have to tap into many different skills and qualities everyday. My artworks portray our feminine power and vulnerabilities, our adaptability, beauty, fragility and fierceness. With a palette of rainbow colours, I have tried to capture how women are all so multifaceted and constantly changing. 

The Urban Queen reminds us that women aren’t just nice and soft, but they can also be strong. Or just because someone is quiet, they can’t also be assertive and decisive when they want to be. From one moment to the next, we can change or we can be two things at once, or even many more. We are not one dimensional. We are unique individuals. A kaleidoscope of thoughts, emotions and experiences. 

It is through this myriad of diverse experiences and qualities that each person can offer something new, something different. No other person would have gone through the same experiences as you that shaped the person you are today. And just as the past is different for everyone, no one else will have your future either. No other person will have the same impact on others and on the world as you might have. Your individual voice, your ideas, your actions are uniquely impactful. And that’s a powerful thought.

But I know it can be hard to find your voice sometimes, let alone embrace it with gusto! In these hyperactive days of social media and 24 hour news cycles, women are often told that we have to say the right things, or act a certain way, to get ahead. We have to look pretty to get attention. We have to conform to society’s expectations to be accepted. These expectations all too often try to squeeze us into a single box, when we should be expansive and free. This stifles opportunities to experiment, grow or to forge our own path. It limits our view of what is possible to what is expected.

Luckily, art can remind us to look beyond the boundaries and open us up to new, unexpected possibilities. Three paintings that were hugely popular last year were my Mirror mini-series, where I painted my signature Urban Queen figures on see-through plexiglass with an added mirror in the back. When you looked at the painting, you could also see yourself at the same time! This invited reflection and contemplation, reminding women that they are the true Queen of their lives; that they have unique strength and sovereignty within themselves. 

By looking inwards, you, too, can find the qualities and experiences that make up your unique voice. When you start listening to that voice and nurture and embrace it, it will grow clearer and more powerful. It will become one of your greatest strengths – guiding you to follow your passions, explore new opportunities and live an authentic life of purpose. 

So, embrace your individuality! Dare to be different, to paint outside the lines, to learn and grow, and to share your unique voice with the world. Because only you can. 

Artist Ramona Pintea with paintings from her ‘Urban Queens’ series.

Ramona Pintea is a woman on a mission – to empower women through art. As an established artist, Ramona has exhibited widely and her paintings adorn the houses of collectors around the world. Her most recent paint series, the Urban Queen, is a global art movement that celebrates and inspires women in all our messy, powerful, beautiful glory. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and check out her website.

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