Pakistani Feminist Statement Jewelry Brand Telling Stories Of Women Of Color With New ‘Gaze’ Collection

Founded by three sisters in Pakistan, Pierre Gemme by HUR aims to redefine the global jewelry industry by designing pieces that are unique, meaningful, and impactful. The brand’s mission is to provide equal employment opportunities to female artisans from impoverished backgrounds and share the stories of strong women from ancient civilizations through every piece of jewelry in their collections. Already adorning women of color in more than 55 countries globally, Pierre Gemme by HUR now makes its entrance into the USA market presenting its latest ‘Gaze’ collection.

Inspired by the abundant inner beauty, kindness and generosity of those living in difficult, desolate circumstances, the ‘Gaze’ collection consists of eight pieces featuring a repeating eye motif, reminding wearers and onlookers of the importance of seeing the beauty around them. With its striking contrast of deep blue enamel and fine 22 carat gold, the ‘Gaze’ jewelry makes a statement with any look. 

“At Pierre Gemme by HUR, we find a common theme for every collection we release, trying to unite the pieces not only by design, but by their greater impact and cause,” says founder Hina Hafeez-Ur-Rehman in a press release.

“For ‘Gaze’, we found ultimate inspiration in the need to see beauty and hope in this world, even during unsettling and desperate times. For every collection we release, we choose a non-profit or charity organization to donate a percentage of profits to. For ‘Gaze’, 15% of the proceeds will go to help families impacted by war in Yemen and Ukraine through Save the Children,” she added.

Founded in 2019 in Lahore, Pakistan, Pierre Gemme by HUR quickly gained the attention of women — and men! — across the region. Thanks to their unique storytelling approach to every design, Pierre Gemme by HUR’s jewelry pieces not only draw the eye but also spark meaningful political, cultural, and life conversations as many of the designs tell the tales of outstanding and inspiring women from ancient civilizations. 

“One of our earliest collections, Portraits of Women, is fully based on the life stories of extraordinary women who are role models and a constant source of inspiration for us,” added Hina.

“From the Kandaka earrings, inspired by the iconic Sudanese feminist, Alaa Salah, to the ‘One Sisterhood’ campaign launched on Human Rights Day emphasizing the positive vital experience of sisterhood — with proceeds going to Kakenya’s Dream, a non-profit organization in Kenya meeting the basic needs of vulnerable girls in rural Kenya.”

Made from fine brass and either gold- or silver-plated, Pierre Gemme by HUR jewelry is handcrafted by skilled female artisans in Pakistan. One of the brand’s main goals is to move the needle in the traditionally male-led jewelry industry in their home country and globally. Pierre Gemme by HUR works closely with local makers in emerging communities, providing them with equal employment and skill-building opportunities. 

“We as the creators behind Pierre Gemme by HUR want to feel a deep connection to the generations of strong women before us and uplift all women around the world who wish to express themselves through our jewelry and give back to the community. We hope these designs and stories of women become a collective catharsis for all those looking for inspiration and empathy and build a collective movement of women supporting and uplifting each other,” added Hina.

The ‘Gaze’ collection is now available for purchase on the Pierre Gemme by HUR official website and Instagram @pierregemmebyhur.

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