Finding The Right Part-Time Job Options For Full-Time Moms

A full-time mom is already a hard job. However, there are times where a mother wants to re-enter the workforce and it becomes a matter of finding a way to juggle new priorities of a growing family. Gender roles are certainly shifting and more fathers are sharing the load at home, but data shows moms still carry the majority of the caretaking responsibilities. This becomes even more fraught in a country like the United States where there is no federal paid leave support system, no universal childcare, and constant political battles over healthcare access, making a new mom’s desire to get back into the workspace all the more difficult.

Many mothers have had to work hard to adapt their work schedules to accommodate their family needs, or they have left the workforce entirely if the employer doesn’t offer any accommodations. It’s no wonder more mothers are becoming entrepreneurs and finding work opportunities that better suit their current situation. Here are some part-time jobs that you can consider while balancing family life.

Online Teacher / Tutor

Online tutoring jobs may require some sort of degree qualifications, but the best part is that you can set your own schedule. Most online tutors are independent contractors which makes it a flexible opportunity, suiting someone like a mom with young kids, who wants to fit work in around their busy work day.

Doing the job at the comfort of your home is also a huge bonus. With more and more companies offering remote tutoring opportunities, there will never be a shortage of people looking for educational help.

Writer / Blogger

Blogs may be a dime a dozen, but for someone who enjoys creative writing and sharing ideas, a blog can be a great outlet. The idea of the “mommy blogger” has become its own phenomenon, with numerous personalities earning large incomes from a blog they created at home. But the blogosphere has also become a vital way for parents, especially moms of young children, to connect about issues they are going through personally.

Aside from the creative aspect of creating your own blog, there are numerous content platforms that often look for freelance writers and bloggers. Building up a following, finding your niche area, and sharing about your family life (or another issue or cause you are passionate about) can also be leveraged for other types of creative opportunities in the future.

Blogging can be done during your free time, and with a very complicated schedule. You can check out Start A Mom Blog and see how it works for you.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is somewhat a gray area for full-time mothers since it really depends on your clients. Some clients want you to prioritize work first over everything, and there are some who understand your situation as a mother. Virtual assistants are in high demand these days since a lot of people are transitioning towards working online and creating businesses. 

Here, you might be taking odd jobs that require you to either book seats for a game, send emails to the client’s clients, schedule meetings, create a daily schedule, or notify them on what they are going to do during the day. 

There is a lot of work that comes with being a virtual assistant so you should also consider the time that you are willing to put in per day to make this work. If you are mom who needs to spend a lot of time at home with young kids but miss the office environment, being a virtual assistant can offer the best of both world. You can look after the kids while choosing your makeup as you get ready to log on.

Uber, Lyft Driver

Shareride apps are becoming an increasingly popular way for freelancers to earn money while fitting it into their schedules. For moms, being an Uber or Lyft driver can be an easy way to earn money from the comfort of your own car. Be aware of safety regulations and choose the hours that are best for your schedule.

Direct Sales and Entrepreneurship

Direct sales can be a great way to keep up your sales and marketing skills, while learning about a new industry or product. Or it can be an opportunity to start your own business. There are also numerous famous stories of moms who created a brand out of necessity and ended up becoming millionaires, such as Joy Mangano who created the Miracle Mop (immortalized by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie “Joy”) as a way to look after her family.

With more and more women starting businesses right from their home as a necessity while raising kids, the entrepreneurship space might be something you want to explore as it can be a way for you to create the career you have always dreamed while also fitting into your schedule.

Temp Agency

Another thing that might pique a full-time mother’s interest is going to a staffing agency. A staffing agency is a company which hires temporary workers, dispatching them to different shorthanded job sites. What makes this job interesting is that you are going to different kinds of jobs.

There are staffing agencies who test you by placing you in jobs you have never heard of before. And there are staffing agencies who play on your strengths and stir you away from your weaknesses.

Volunteer Work

Some mothers feel like their talents would best be placed in the non-profit sector. If you feel the same way, then volunteer work might be a fantastic pick for you. Giving back to the community is a rewarding feeling.

Volunteer work pays you something even money can’t buy. Aside from that, you can also do it during your free time without the added pressure that you need to be there on time. You will also get to meet people and be a beacon for them when they are in need, similar to how the timebanking community works. You can also decide on your level of commitment as your schedule allows.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it can perhaps spark ideas for how to re-enter the workforce while balancing family needs, without pressure.


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