Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ To Declare His Support Of Feminism On Stage


OK so there was a moment when we all doubted Pharrell’s ‘Women Empowerment’ stance, and that moment was his involvement in the Robin Thicke ‘Blurred Lines’ music video and track. But then he won our hearts again with the ‘Despicable Me’ hit ‘Happy’ and his support for Hillary Clinton being president of the United States in 2016.

His damage control tactics in support of women certainly hit a high note recently during a concert in Sweden. In case you missed the news, Sweden recently went to the polls to vote for a new Prime Minister. What made this election different from all the others was the presence of a feminist political party for the first time ever. While they didn’t end up winning the vote, the Feminist Initiative party led by Gudrun Schyman have been getting a lot of attention in the worldwide press simply for their presence.

If they were elected, they would’ve been the first openly feminist party to rule in any country ever. However the party won a seat in the European Parliament in May, becoming the first feminist party in history to do so.

Before the Swedes went to the voting polls, Pharrell made a public declaration in support of feminism worldwide by inviting Gudrun Schyman on stage with him at his concert in Stockholm. It was a pre-arranged stunt, one which Gudrun was happy to oblige.

“He phoned and was pretty well-informed, wanted to meet and support us in the election,” she explained to The Local.


Speaking of ‘Happy’, after a brief declaration of feminism fan-boying on stage, Pharrell dedicated said song to Gudrun.

“Let’s give women a shout who try to run this world!” Pharrell said before introducing Gudrun. “It is time to see what it feels like to have some women in the office.”

I’d like to dedicate this song not only to you as a human being, but to what you represent. And the hope that you offer to this world in feminism. Somehow I feel when we people like you in position, we don’t have to worry about terrorism so much anymore, coz that’s not what’s on your mind. You guys make life, not take life.”

And while making babies isn’t the only thing women or feminists do, he at least makes a great point about terrorism so A for effort Pharrell.


Some of the major things the Feminist Initiative advocates for is tackling the wage gap, higher pay for teachers, better child care, less defense spending (hey America, now there’s a thought!) and they also want to update the definition of Gross Domestic Product to include the unpaid work women do at home. Basically they are showing how feminism is for all women, and really are working toward equality on all fronts.

After Pharrell finishes his rousing introduction to Gudrun and passionate declaration for feminism, he then invites a bunch of girls to come on stage… Listen, we’ll take the small victories as they come. He’s a performer after all, he should be allowed to own his sexuality however he feels, just the same way women want the same freedoms. As long as he isn’t objectifying them, or treating them unequal in any manner, we ain’t gonna hold any hard feelings toward him.

In the meantime, wherever we can get celebs speaking out in the name of feminism on a huge public platform (think Beyonce at the 2014 VMAs) we’re all for it. Enough with the divisions, let’s just accept feminism is here to stay (whether a feminist party gets elected or not) and let’s do like Pharrell and Gudrun, and just be happy. Or in the very least, tolerant!






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