Photographer Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri On A Mission To Empower Indian Girls


Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri is a former model turned famed photographer, and she is one half of the well-known photography duo Markus and Indrani. The two also had their own reality show on the Bravo network in the US called ‘Double Exposure’ following their careers as they photograph some of the world’s biggest fashion and entertainment names.

The half Indian half Canadian beauty was born in Kolkata, India, and although her life today is a world away from her origins (she moved to London, then Toronto at age 7), the country firmly owns a piece of her heart. Indrani is also the co-founder of a literacy and education foundation called SEEschool aimed at empowering and uplifting women to end the cycle of poverty. Female empowerment is very near and dear to her heart, especially when it comes to girls in India.

Her latest project is a short film is called ‘Crescendo’ which shows the power of sports and education to radically change a girls’ life for the better, forever.


It documents the powerful connection between a Yuwa soccer team and a group of girls from the Sambhali Trust, a non-profit organization devoted to providing education and vocational support to young women in largely patriarchal, socially stratified communities.

“I believe that girls’ empowerment is of vital global importance,” she told the Huffington Post.

“Sports uplift and empower girls to develop physical and mental strength, discipline, self-confidence, leadership, and a sense of community,” Indrani added, “to help each other to achieve their individual goals, which greatly benefits their societies as a whole.”

The film is set to Jetta’s song “Crescendo” which is produced by Pharrell, and is one of 11 films of the “Beats of the Beautiful Game” series. During the 4 minutes we see how a group of young girls, who are constrained to the societal boundaries of expectations put upon women in the country are lifted when they are empowered to experience freedom through sports.

This isn’t Indrani’s first foray into empowering films, either. In 2012 she released another short, titled ‘The Girl Epidemic’ depicting a futuristic world in which girls are treated like an infectious disease, which was shot in the slums of Mumbai. This film was made in conjunction with a nonprofit group called Project Nanhi Kali, that works to raise awareness for the plight of Indian girls.

“There’s a problem in India so difficult and so entrenched—a vast devaluing of women,” she told The Daily Beast.

Her film was seen as too taboo it was even banned in India, proving how much more this type of message needs to be shared.

“These individuals [in the film] represent those who disregard the importance of the millions of girls who disappear in India and the world.”

It’s awesome to see that this accomplished creative woman has not lost touch with a deeper sense of the meaning of life, and that she is using all her achievements to create something that will enable the lives of young Indian girls to possibly have the life she was lucky enough to have.

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