Piers Morgan Talks Photoshopped Beauty Standards With Supermodel Paulina Porizkova


If there’s anyone who can debate on the price of beauty, it’s a supermodel, especially one of the “supers” from the 90s. Czech model Paulina Porizkova who has previously been a judge on America’s Next Top Model and was the youngest woman ever to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue in 1984 at the age of 18, knows a thing or two about how the fashion industry has shaped many women’s identity and view of beauty over the past couple of decades.

She was a guest on Piers Morgan’s CNN show to talk about how photoshop has damaged unique beauty and how the industry she worked in for nearly 20 years is heavily responsible.

Piers asks “Do you think the pressure on young women today has been driven by the whole Supermodel era and the fact that most models these days are very skinny and look a certain way?”

Paulina answers “no” because these days we mostly see celebrities and actresses on the cover of magazines, but something else has made it worse.

“What it [the industry] has been taken over by is photoshop. Everybody can look good.” She makes the point that photoshop could even make her late grandmother look good, which may be a funny quip which Piers laughs out loud to, but it ain’t that far from the truth which is the sad thing.

We are forced to ingest fake, photoshopped images everywhere we look and accept them as normal and “beautiful”. We’re sure if Sigmund Freud were around today, he’d have a diagnosis for this: psychotic!

When asked who she thinks is beautiful, Paulina names British actress Tilda Swinton because of her “unusual, alien and interesting look”. Piers calls Tilda an untraditional beauty, because sadly we are taught to think by the media that someone who looks different to the homogenous crap peddled to us every day is outside the realm of “traditional beauty”. It’s not his fault, the whole world thinks the same and we come up with ways to classify people.

Paulina has a great response: “There’s so much life and talent behind the mathematics of her [Tilda’s] face.”

It’s quite tiresome to see all the unhealthy, negative ways of thought we now have to undo, thanks to decades and decades of consumerism and advertising reigning supreme in our everyday lives. Thankfully our enlightenment and ability to speak up on these issues is changing the power roles on who dictates to us what should be valued. But we hope more and more of these messages breaking down the status quo and archaic ways of thinking will continue to infiltrate the mainstream media and our every day consciousness.


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