Pink: “I Wish That Girls Embraced Their Power & Their Worth”

Pink Billboard Woman Of The Year 2013

Badass singer and popstar P!nk, aka, Alecia Moore, was just named by Billboard as their ‘Woman of the Year’ 2013. Ever since the category was created in 2007, they have crowned a string of highly successful women who not only sell a hell of a lot of albums and kick ass on tours, but also lead the way in changing the music industry with their influence and innovation.

This description perfectly sums up Pink, whose honest, raw and in-your-face lyrics have ensured her longevity in this male-dominated, sex-driven, brand-manufactured industry and allowed her to open the gates for many more after her. For decades (yes that’s right, decades!) she has been singing about failed relationships, drug habits, female celebrities who are letting the side down (remember the aptly titled ‘Stupid Girls’?) and everything in between.

In her acceptance speech, the 34 year-old from Pennsylvania stayed true to form and used this incredible platform to show why she reminds one of the most popular and important artists (not just in the female category) of our generation, because she lives out her messages every day.

Initially flattered by the honor, she says the award should’ve gone to someone “more deserving” like Malala Yousafzai, Angelina Jolie or Hilary Clinton who spend their lives making a difference in the world. But she also says how incredibly blessed she has been in her career and how thankful she is to receive this accolade.

After the funny anecdotes and thank-you’s, she gets to the real heart of her message, which is all about explaining to her audience (all music industry peeps) why it is important for her to be a role model to younger girls.

“I wish that girls embraced their power and their worth and their value in their youth, and not sell it or barter it for anything and have to buy it back later in life. I wish for my daughter to grow up in a world where wonderful publications like Billboard celebrate them for their originality, their individuality their willingness to be true to themselves, and the courage to be scary and emotional to get shit done. I wish for women to stop apologizing for those very things that make us women,” she said.


Being a working mom, she addresses that while times have changed for women, we are still facing many battles every day.

“Like all of you women who have chosen to have children and still work in this man-heavy business, I feel you. I know this is not easy. Boys go off to war and women wait. But we go off to war, too. In fact, we do more and more and we have to deal with shit you guys don’t wanna know about like Spanx and body awareness and being pitted against each other, constantly in competition. I know for sure that none of the women in this room don’t wait. We are all here because we do.”

It seriously gives us chills hearing this bold, brassy, fearless and fearsome woman speak from her heart. She is not intimidated by life or by men because she has learned a lot in her journey. Musical duo Tegan and Sara, who paid tribute to Pink by performing her hit song ‘Just Like a Pill’, said they loved Pink because she allowed them to take ownership of their identity and not shy away from who they were as lesbians in an industry dominated by over-sexualized female pop stars. They said seeing Pink embrace her tomboyish, punk rock, bad-ass, imperfect, tattooed and unapologetic persona gave them hope that they could do the same.

So girls, will you grant Pink her wish? Will you embrace your power and worth today? If there is anyone who has the confidence to be who she is and still be hugely successful, it’s Pink. Being authentic is worth far more in life than trying to please others.


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