Planning The Road Trip Of A Lifetime

“To travel is to live,” said Hans Christian Andersen, and if you have been postponing a trip over the past couple of years, then you will be happy to hear that the majority of tour operators are predicting a “travel boom” in 2022 and 2023. Of course, there will still be a slight change in choices, with one of the top trends being that of outdoor travel. Road trips will be big among those seeking to spend the vast majority of their time outdoors, with camping trips, adventure travel, and glamping on the rise. If you are currently planning a road trip with your friends, the following trends may inspire you.

Investing in Comfort

Travelers will be upping their spending on travel this year, owing in no small part to the savings made by staying at home over the past two years. Great road trips will be taken in comfort, with comfort on the road being an important consideration. This means two main changes will be taking place: travelers will be stopping over at hotels or resorts for overnight stays and they will also be choosing comfortable rides, with compact premium SUVs prevailing for couples and larger SUVs being a preferred choice for larger groups. The key is to travel safely while also having enough legroom to arrive at your destination without any aches and pains. For a really comfy ride, brands like BMW, Porsche, and Lincoln will be great favorites.

Sleeping Under the Stars

Camping will be big for road trippers, as found in Outdoorsy’s recent annual report. Currently, around 62% of survey respondents said that they enjoyed the flexibility to remain partially or fully tuned in to work from any location, so family- and friend-focused, nature-based trips were of interest. The survey also showed that it isn’t just seasoned campers who are choosing to connect with the Great Outdoors. Approximately 40% and 34% of interest came from millennial and Gen-Z travelers, respectively.

Choosing the Destination of a Lifetime

To make your trip truly memorable, selecting routes that are as scenic as your destination is vital. Just a few trending cross-country destinations include the Columbia River Highway (spanning 74 miles and starting in Portland), which is known for its beautiful waterfalls, bridges, and river borders. State Highway 82 in Colorado is also known for its natural splendor, with the Independence Pass (located midway between Aspen and Twin Lakes) twisted around lush groves of aspen trees and the mighty Fork River.

If you’re more into blue landscapes than green ones, one great trip to take is the Pacific Ocean road trip, which spans numerous beaches such as Pismo Beach. Classic road trip choices, meanwhile, include Route 66, Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, and Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania and Delaware.
Road trips are a great choice for those wishing to travel at their own pace and build a deeper connection with nature. Top trends include greater spends on vehicles and comfort, as well as camping and glamping.

When it comes to choosing your trip, make sure that the journey itself is as beautiful as the destination. Check out trending and classic road trip choices alike and go with the type of scenery that most puts you in a relaxed and happy mood.

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