Plus Size Model Marquita Pring On The Growing Trend Of Body Diversity


It’s a term that is a huge battleground in the fashion industry right now: Plus Size. It has been the topic of many conversations in the media focused on women and fashion because let’s fact it, we all have a problem with it. Having a “special” or niche category seems to indicate that it is a smaller market than a regular model. The thing is, there are more industry-defined “plus size” women (i.e, anything from a size 12 US upwards) in the real world than there are “high fashion model” size (0 and 00 essentially).

One of the so called plus size models, who has been making a steady and successful living of modeling clothes for that category, is Marquita Pring. In an interview with Cosmo Live she talks about the perception of plus size women vs. straight size and how ridiculous it is that these segregated ideas have been formed and created unhealthy trends amongst women, rather than celebrating body diversity.

Also, she hates the term plus size. “I prefer ‘curvy’ honestly,” she says. “Plus-size feels outdated and no one thinks of it in a positive way. It’s always got this sort of stigma attached to it. I’d like to do away with that.”


She goes on to talk about how she is now represented by IMG models, the largest model agency in the world who just announced they are no longer categorizing any of their models into divisions, instead, both curvy, skinny and straight-size models will all be promoted alongside each other on the books.

Marquita was previously with Ford Models, who ended up closing their plus size division after they got a new owner, Russian Billionare Vladamir Potanin in 2010. The kicker is that Ford’s Plus Size division was the biggest money earner for them, which goes to show that decisions like this which are still being made by idiot men who don’t give two hoots about better female representation.

His loss, as that meant Ford also had to let go of popular plus size names such as Crystal Renn and Carmen Dell’Orefice.

Despite this display of sheer stupidity which unfortunately is not an isolated incident, there are changes being made, and the fashion industry is slowly re-shaping its values all the way from the top. The beauty and fashion industries should be dictated by what the consumer wants, not by what a industry “expert” says we need. For too long a time it has been operating in the wrong way and things need to get flipped back to where we the average citizen have our voices heard and our needs met.

Thank goodness for platforms where we are able to raise our voices and stand for something. Social media, blogging and creating a community of like-minded people is a great way to influence an industry’s choice of what they choose to push. Just look at what happened with Abercrombie and Fitch when CEO Mike Jefferies’ comments about the company not wanting to sell any larger sizes went viral in 2013 and people boycotting the store altogether. The label had to tuck its tail firmly between its legs, take stock of its seven consecutive quarters of falling sales and announce they would start selling larger clothes to appeal to a wider range of customers. Power of the people in its most brilliant form we think!

We hope this trend continues to grow and becomes the very life blood of a thriving industry (the global clothing and textiles industry now generates upward of 2.5 trillion dollars a year!) rather than just a seasonal thing.

Check out Marquita’s interview below:


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