Pop Queen Sophie Ellis-Bextor Says Being A Working Mom Is Important To Her ‘Familia’


You know her as the voice in the popular dance hits ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’, and ‘Groovejet’, but there is so much more to Brit-pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor than just her smooth vocals and sultry eye-makeup. This powerhouse babe is a mother of FOUR, a wife, and a musician who has been consistently making music since 2000 when she burst onto the international scene with ‘Groovejet’. She has three top ten albums and racked up numerous top ten singles under her belt over the past 16 years.

She released a new album in September called ‘Familia’, which gives you an indication of just how important her family are to every aspect of her life. The album does not disappoint and is filled with signature SEB dance/pop anthemic hits which have made her an artist you know can never go wrong with.

In a recent interview with the Telegraph to promote ‘Familia’, Sophie went in depth about how much her family plays a role in other issues in her life, saying there is no separation.

“We’re in our stride now. I’ve been a working mum with little people to think about since I was 25. I’ve got three sisters and two brothers so I’m used to there always being lots of people about. You just have to embrace it,” she said.

Her oldest son Sonny is 12 and is described as her “secret weapon” because he is now old enough to help out with the other children, the youngest of whom is 9 months old. After having baby Jesse, Sophie wasted no time in getting back to the studio to work on ‘Familia’.


“They filter into everything. They’re the essence of what makes me happy, and absolutely where my heart is,” she said, adding she would hold baby Jesse while in the studio.

Throughout the interview there are the stock standard “balancing motherhood and work” questions, which male celebrities NEVER get, but Sophie handles it like a champion, with brevity, honesty and simplicity. She does admit the idea of working away from her boys can get to her, but looks at the bigger picture.

“I hate the idea of them noticing, but I have to work – and I want to work. So it’s really just logistics,” she said.

In a study from 2015 about working moms, Harvard Business School found that young girls who see their mothers working outside the home are more likely to earn higher wages and progress to leadership roles, and boys are more likely to contribute to household chores and spend time caring for family members. They study examined 13,326 women and 18,152 men from 24 developed nations.

Sophie’s work-life balance is something we should be praising, yet sadly she gets negativity about her own personal life choices which go to show what a struggle it is for especially high-profile women to escape the constant scrutiny. The Telegraph pointed to a nasty tabloid headline which stated she is “addicted” to having babies. Wow…


“I don’t think I’d have used that word. I just always liked the idea of having lots of children, and I love the way the dynamic changes every time,” Sophie responded, in a much more tame manner than what we would chosen. Perhaps she’s been listening to a certain Michelle Obama speech.

Body image was another topic Sophie brought up in the interview, as she made quite a stir on social media earlier in the year announcing that she was sick of wearing Spanx underwear and feeling like she had to torture herself to live up to society’s beauty standards. Her reason for speaking out was exacerbated when, during a night out with the hubby, she was asked if she was pregnant. Can’t a woman have a stomach these days!

“It was horrible, so I wasn’t sure whether to post anything about it. But then I thought, ‘Sod it.’ So many women feel pressured to get back in shape after having a baby, but the reality is that yes, it does leave you with a bit of a tummy. So what?” she said.

Another celebrity mom who has shared her thoughts on post-baby bodies and having a *shock horror* stomach, is Jennifer Garner. She went on the Ellen DeGeneres show to put all the baby rumors to rest once and for all and declared that it is entirely normal for a woman who has had any children to have a stomach resembling this incredible physical feat they underwent. We certainly need more celebrities speaking out against the shameful and harmful culture that expects women to conform to a Victoria’s Secret model standard of post-baby recovery.


For Sophie, standing against the shaming has been somewhat easy because of the way she was raised.

“My mum banned the word diet in our house. She was such a good role model, and I’ve never believed in fads or weighing myself either. We like our food, but also like feeling good about ourselves…Of course I always want to feel like myself again, but I trust in the process. I know it’ll happen slowly and surely. It doesn’t have to happen overnight,” she said.

While she told the Telegraph she is not ruling out baby no.5, she and her husband want to ensure their boys grow up being politically aware of what is going on in the world, especially in light of the recent Brexit vote which left many, including Sophie, feeling disappointed at the divisiveness that is plaguing the world.

“It was awful. I had such a heavy heart. But, you don’t vote for change if you’re happy, so we have to listen to why people are unhappy. We can’t just dismiss it as ignorance, because not everyone is blessed with great opportunity,” she said, explaining her view on why so many felt leaving the European Union was the right thing to do.

“I don’t approve of people who say they don’t read the news because it’s depressing. What gives anyone the right to turn their back on what’s happening in the world? Now more than ever we’ve got to listen and try to help each other,” she added.

We love her perspective on motherhood, work, and ‘familia’. You can hear a snippet of the album below:



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