Pop Star Celebrates 13th Birthday With Anti Bullying Party


For most teenage girls, turning 13 is a big deal and to celebrate it’s definitely an occasion to have fun and be a little selfish that day. But not so for one up and coming pop star.

Atlanta-based Aleacea decided to throw a huge bash and make the theme all about anti-bullying messages. It was held in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta, on Novemver 16, 2013 and girls between the ages of 8-12 were invited. The perfect age to know how to combat bullies and mean girls.

The party-goers, who were all members of the Boys and Girls Club, I Am A Queen foundation and a few more local organizations, enjoyed spending the day in a re-creation of a life-size dollhouse where they were educated about the negative effects of bullying, and encouraged in ways that will empower them to rise above it.

It was the type of party we think all teenage girls should have! There was a red carpet, musical performances, some of which were by Aleacea herself who sang her anti-bullying pop anthem “Mean Girlz”.


Following Aleacea’s performance, 10-year-old Kennedy Prather bravely shared her story as a former victim of bullying with the other girls. While she may not be a household name just yet, she has time on her side, as well as the fact she is starting out on the right foot.

Aleacea is clearly wanting to set herself apart from other pop starts and make her message about bullying front and center.

According to statistics on her youtube channel, over 160,000 students skip class every day because they are afraid of being bullied. Those numbers are mostly likely just related to the metro Atlanta area.


Aside from the two aforementioned organizations, Aleacea is also involved with Stop Your Bullying which aims to bring awareness to bullying in schools, and focuses on teen suicide and cyber bullying. Back in August, Aleacea was part of an event hosted by the I Am A Queen Foundation in Atlanta, which helps future female entrepreneurs and visionaries. While it is mainly for older more established women, they recognize the need to give a helping hand to the younger generation, and asked Aleacea to speak at the event.

She performed her single Mean Girlz and encouraged the young “queens attending the event to speak up about bullying as she hopes one day the more people stand against it, it will eventually disappear from our modern society. Here’s hoping, and in the meantime we are glad there are passionate young women like Aleacea who truly live out their life mission every day, in everything they do.

It’s inspiring to see someone so young and talented become passionate about doing something positive with herself. We hope her story will encourage more teen girls to do the same, and perhaps consider throwing an “anti-bullying” birthday party for girls in your community and give back.




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