Popular Mobile Apps To Keep You Occupied On Your Lunch Break

Working can lead to some stressful days. Whether you work in retail or in an office, chances are you are going to have a bad day at one point or another. This is completely normal and quite frankly, inevitable. And now as we all adapt our busy work schedules to the ongoing global pandemic, adjusting where, how and when we work can add to this stress. We may need to take more breaks that help us focus. Allowing time to check out of work mode for a mental health break throughout the day can also help us reset and refresh our minds.

Lunch breaks are the best time to get your day under control. You may often opt for productive lunch breaks, however, if you’re having a bad day, chances are you just want to get back on track. If you spend your entire lunch break thinking about how stressed you are and how bad the day is going, chances are it’s going to get worse. When you’re stressed, it’s easier to make mistakes due to the fact you can’t think clearly.

One of the best ways to get over stress, or even to just combat boredom, is to occupy yourself. This just means taking your mind off the day for as long as possible, and when you go back, it will seem like a new day. If you feel as if you can benefit from this, you should consider using these apps on your lunch break: 


Nearly everyone has a Netflix account these days. After all, it’s easy to see why. With countless titles to choose from, it can keep you occupied for months. A good idea that many people make use of on their lunch break is to start a series and only watch it on their lunch break. This means you don’t even have to think twice about how you’re going to spend your well-deserved break. As soon as you sit down, you should fire up that Netflix app and start watching. 

Any series can work for this, but it may be better to go for a show that has shorter episodes. Although Netflix will allow you to continue watching mid way through an episode, it does cause some inconvenience. Not only could you forget what happened mid-way through an episode, but you’ll also have to constantly watch the clock. If you don’t, you may get so engrossed that you go over your lunch break time. 


YouTube is similar to Netflix in the sense that it can really immerse you in just a short period of time. Youtube videos come in all sorts of lengths. This means you can watch a whole series of short 3-minute videos, or really get stuck into a half-an-hour video. There is so much content on YouTube as well that you’ll definitely find something that peaks your interest. 


This is a really great option if you work in a particularly stressful environment. Headspace is one of the leading meditation apps available on smartphones. Simply switch it on and follow the instructions and you will feel your stress melt away. Meditating is an extremely healthy hobby and has plenty of benefits, meaning you’ll feel better than ever afterwards.  

Desk Yogi

Desk Yogi is a great app to keep that blood flow going while you spend numerous hours at your work desk. Designed for the office person, this app can be utilized for your newly adapted work-from-home schedule. Sign up for their affordable packages, whether you are a business or an individual, and have short fitness videos delivered right to your inbox that you can stretch along with right where you are.

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