Powerful Video Showing The Effects Of Domestic Abuse In Front Of Children


“She wants to look like her mom” the video states. Normally this is seen as an innocent phrase, but in the case of domestic abuse, it is vastly different.

Domestic abuse in the home doesn’t just hurt the victims involved, but it greatly affects the onlookers, namely, the young children who are processing what is going on around them.

In the video we see a young girl using her mom’s makeup an applying it to her face. When she is finished, we see that she has drawn bruises and smears on her face, to mimmick that of her mother. A sad and telling sign that this is something that needs to change.

The powerful video was made by Publicis Communications, a leading communications agency in Switzerland, as part of their Campaign against Domestic Violence, and is set to the tune ‘Mad World’ by Gary Jules, which seems appropriate. Violence is madness and there is not excuse for it. It must be stopped!

They state that 7 out of 10 women prefer to go back to their violent partners. This campaign aims to bring awareness to these women how crucial it is that they step out of the pattern of abuse by focusing on how it affects their children.

They teamed up with Zurich Women’s Center for this campaign to encourage more women to seek help rather than stay silent. Similar to this PSA, Italy created their own domestic violence awareness campaign with designer Vivienne Westwood in 2013. In Italy, 1 in 3 women are the victims of domestic abuse. Westwood displayed bloodied and bruised mannequins in a store window in busy downtown Milan to shock onlookers about the issue.

In India, where violence toward women is seemingly everywhere, they too created a powerful series of posters featuring traditional Indian goddessess with bruises and scrapes all over their body to show how important this issue is.

The many efforts being made around the world are crucial to helping us all understand how we can play our part. Even if we aren’t caught in a violent situation at home, there is much to be said about spreading awareness, discussing these issues with the girls and the men in our lives and being conscious of how abuse affects its victims long term.

We applaud all the organizations and companies worldwide who spend money and time giving important issues greater platform.


  1. So sad for everyone involved in abuse. It is a controlling mess and I hope these ads and the mannequins will help these women to be strong enough to leave. It is a start in the right direction, for sure.

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