Queen Rania Of Jordan Says To Girls: “Life Is About More Than Cupcakes & Tiaras”

Rania Al Abdullah

Queen Rania Al Abdullah from Jordan, aka the most stunning royal we have ever seen is not just a beautiful woman from the Middle East. She is a powerful advocate for females everywhere and uses her platform and her voice to make a difference.

She is a board member for the United Nations Foundation and regularly champions the cause of education, youth, and the people of her nation, as seen on her website. In fact, education is a passion close to her heart, as in many middle eastern and war-torn countries, education can be the only way to freedom. On her homepage of her website she writes “Education is an opportunity to escape poverty, live healthily, and for hope.” She believes everyone should have a right to an education and live a life of dignity where they can use their minds to create a better future for themselves and others.

She wrote an open letter in support of CNN’s ‘Girl Rising’ movement where she emphasises to young women the importance of rejecting stereotypes about their gender and to persevere. There are so many amazing letters that have been written by celebrities and media personalities encouraging girls around the world the education is their ticket to freedom and the opportunity at a brighter life.

Rania says “Marketing and stereotyping combine to have us believe that you’re made of pink dresses, pigtails, dolls, ringlets, ribbons, bows and tiaras. That you like cupcakes. That all you will want to be are wives and mothers. That you’re more ‘inclined’ to the arts and ‘better suited’ to caring professions like teaching and nursing. And, maybe, that’s true for some. But my daughter Salma teaches me every day that there’s so much more to you.”

She included some startling statistics about girls in Arab countries, which shows they are passionate about education and the word is being spread: change is coming! Apparently,  women outnumber men at university, and more women than men study science. How cool!

But there is much work to do, she continues, as there are still 5 million girls who are not attending primary or secondary schools in the Arab world. So what are Queen Rania’s suggestions for change and how each person can do their part?

“…There’s never been a better time for girls to rise up and share their talents with society. And, girls! Society has never needed you more…Role models can inspire. Campaigns can motivate. But if we want all girls everywhere to rise up, then we must find them, befriend them and support them. That means going outside our comfort zones, [and] using our voices to speak up for those who cannot yet be heard. Lobbying for girl-friendly policies.”

So instead of listening to all those voices who don’t actually care about your well-being and just want to sell you a superficial image of what you think you should look like and be, choose to think with your head and your heart. There are much deeper issues at play around the world that women need to take note of. It’s easy to be a young girl or a young woman in the western world because we can reject or accept many luxuries and lifestyles. But for an Arab woman, they face much dire circumstances and the thought of getting an education to get out of a difficult situation means the chance at a new life.

What can you do today that can make a difference tomorrow? Don’t doubt what your contribution can be. We all have something unique we can contribute. Ours is using this site as a platform to share positive messages to millenial women and girls everywhere.

Fittingly, Queen Rania signs off her letter with this thought: “If one girl with courage is a revolution, imagine what feats we can achieve together.”

Queen of Jordan




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