Reasons For Choosing Home Health Aide As A Career In 2022

For some people, the career path is guided by altruism. If you want to change the world, choose a job where you can make a difference. You can have a fulfilling career as a home health aide. A home health aide is a person who provides much-needed health services to people who are physically challenged, seriously ill, or cognitively impaired. Your role is to promote healing and overall wellbeing. Being a home health aide implies so much more than assisting others as they get better and go through life. It’s about caring for patients at their most vulnerable time of need.  

Working as a home health aide is more than a job. If you’re not sure this career path is for you, here are some great reasons to get into home health care:

You Can Help a Family in Need

Seeing a loved one suffer is hard, to say the least. It’s frustrating, exhausting, and scary. That’s why families prefer hiring a home health aide. In collaboration with the patient and their family, the registered nurse develops a custom plan of care. The home health aide helps the patient with everything, from bathing to socializing. When you enter someone’s home, you change their life. If you have a caring heart, you’ll do everything within your power to break down barriers and get to know your clients. 

While family members provide emotional support and assist their loved ones with emotional support, it’s up to you to ensure health and medical care at home. Typical duties include but aren’t limited to: 

  • Administering prescription & OTC medications
  • Taking the patient’s vital signs & recording them
  • Assisting the patient with doctor’s visits
  • Performing light housekeeping duties
  • Replacing sterile dressings & monitoring wound healing 

Regardless of the situation being a home health aide is a challenging role. And it’s one of the most rewarding experiences ever. 

You’ll Meet Incredible People

Not only do you get to change people’s lives but you also meet incredible people. We’re talking about individuals with incredible stories. Each person offers a different window into a bygone era, so you’re lucky to be able to look through those windows. If you enjoy learning from older generations, you’ll love your job. Your clientele will be made up of older adults with vast amounts of life experience. There’s a treasure trove of priceless knowledge to be learned, and every generation has valuable information to impart

If you don’t know how to attract good people in your life, now you have the answer. Lending a helping hand is better than networking. The remarkable people you’ll meet along the way are proof that it’s possible to change the face of aging via compassionate home care. You can complete your training as a home health aide in a couple of weeks and be ready to start your career. 

You Can Be Yourself 

If you’re like others, you’re afraid to be yourself. It’s like you’ve become scared of yourself. Working as a home health aide gives you the opportunity to be your authentic self. Actually, your personality and individual talents are what make the experience a positive one – for patients, that is. You can get comfortable with your talents, vulnerabilities, failures, and accomplishments. Plus, you’re able to engage in an activity that fits well with your personal values. You’re intrinsically motivated to do your job, so there’s no need for your employer to micromanage.

Your Employment Outlook Is Bright 

Before starting a new career, it’s essential to become familiar with the job outlook. What you need is future safety for your work. What if you can’t find a similar job in the future? If you become a home health aide, you don’t have to worry about the future. The number of jobs is forecasted to increase in the following years. In Europe, one in five households uses professional home care services. The use of these services is higher among single individuals as compared to households with two adults. 

There will be a tremendous aide for home health aides in the near future. Demographic shifts, emerging technologies, and a changing perspective of healthcare will bring about challenges and opportunities. Don’t waste any more time and start your training. As you complete your education, make sure to check your state’s requirements to fully align with what is needed. Last but certainly not least, find an agency for your first care role. 

Being a home health aide can be tiring, stressful, and thankless at times. But it’s a rewarding job where you can really make a difference. Women are the ones who mostly shoulder caregiving duties, but we’ve seen many men enter the profession, which is a sign that things are changing. You can specialize in a variety of areas and build a career out of work that appeals to you the most. 

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