Rebel Wilson & Melissa McCarthy Make Pact Not To Lose Weight For Hollywood


Two actresses who are leading the charge for body acceptance for larger women in Hollywood are Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy. They join people like Jennifer Lawrence who are more than happy to go against the stock-standard Hollywood grain when it comes to body image.

Rebel Wilson has openly spoke about the fact that she doesn’t care what people thinks she looks like, she is too busy being successful, and funny and loved by the masses. She also thinks other women should follow her lead and be happy with the way they are right now. Melissa McCarthy too, barely has time to respond to any of her critics or haters because she has better things to do like, you know, appear in one of the year’s biggest comedies with Sandra Bullock (The Heat).

Well it’s no surprise to learn these two body image babes are good friends. With all the bitchiness and competitiveness that goes in in Hollywood, it’s good to know there are a group of women, at the top of the industry no less, who want to set positive examples for their millions of fans.

A source close to both the actresses has revealed they have both made a weight-pact. A pact where they both refuse to lose weight for anyone in Hollywood.

“Rebel and Melissa have known each other for five years and there’s a lot of love there,” the source said.

“Neither one of them is trying to lose weight and they’ve formed this little support group to keep each other from falling into the skinny Hollywood trap.”

“Obviously, they could both snap their fingers and lose the weight because of the resources they have available to them — which could include everything from personal trainers to Lap Band surgery — but right now they’re agreeing with each other that they have to hold the line and provide a positive image for overweight girls everywhere.”

And that right there is the most crucial detail. Creating a positive image for girls everywhere, whether they are the same size as them, bigger, or smaller. The point is not how much you weigh, and they aren’t promoting unhealthy eating habits or obesity either. They are showing that it is more important to love who you are for the way you look. if you want to lose weight to be healthy, great! Go do it!

Just don’t make it all about changing your outward appearance only to please others.

According to the source, “There will be plenty of time for dieting years from now, but Rebel and Melissa are determined to stay at their current sizes for now.”



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