Regular Spice? Victoria Beckham Reveals She Is More Normal Than “Posh”

Victoria Beckham, Vogue Australia

We love Victoria Beckham. Why? She is a modern day female success who has it all. We aren’t just talking about money. She has a marriage which has had its share of ups and downs, but it is still standing. She has 4 kids, a career, her own business and manages to juggle it all while keeping her family life private.
She is the featured cover girl for Vogue Australia’s September issue, and while she spoke about fashion and her clothing line, she also kept it real and honest when it came to what she is really like.

It turns out, that Posh facade and stern exterior (she is notorious for looking cold and never smiling in photos) is all just a front for the media because underneath she is just like the rest of us! She has fears and trepidations, and gets nervous in certain situations.

While she is today one of the most sought-after designers and regularly dresses the A-List celebs on every major red carpet around the world, she has had moments of self-doubt when it came to a new collection.

“Everyone would file in and act so inscrutable,” the 39-year-old said. “I’d think: ‘Um, did anyone like it?’ No-one would say anything, so I’d just gabble to fill the embarrassing silences – even to the Japanese, who didn’t understand a word I was saying!”

Phew! Good to know we aren’t the only ones who hesitate when it comes to presenting something close to our heart. And if Victoria Beckham can feel the same but push through to the other side of success, then that is great motivation for the rest of us to keep persevering.

In 2012 she spoke to OK! magazine revealing her own insecurities about being a celebrity. She said despite what she has achieved in her personal and professional life, part of her is still that insecure teenager who described herself as ‘ugly’ and ‘disgusting’ in her autobiography, Learning To Fly.

The mother of 3 boys and now a girl, Harper Seven, admits she thought becoming famous would protect her from feeling empty inside, but it didn’t. “Being famous just makes you more vulnerable to attack.” Well good thing the former Spice Girl didn’t let that stop her!

Vogue Australia Sept 2013

We love the meme that has been going around which says “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce” meaning you can achieve your biggest most badass dreams if you make the most of every day. We would like to update that meme and replace Beyonce’s name with “Victoria Beckham”.

While being ms over-achiever, she is still a normal gal who treasures precious moments spent with her family.

“Honestly, once the children are in bed I’d rather work or shove on a face pack and pluck my eyebrows. By the time Brooklyn’s finally gone to bed, it’s all I’m fit for. Really, we’re much more normal than people think,” She told the Australian magazine.

Who does a powerful woman like VB cite as her inspiration? You guessed it, none other than her hunk of a husband David!

“We’re all so proud of David. Having supported him at clubs all over the world for the past 15 years and seen how he has been an inspiration not just to me and the children but also to millions of people, we are now just really excited at the prospect of spending more time as a family.”

Vogue Aus editor Edwina McCann says “I think Victoria is talented, a fighter, the pin-up girl for fashion reinvention.” Word.

There you have it ladies. No need to sacrifice family time and the normality of life to succeed. It’s about balance and making the most of every moment and opportunity.

Doesn’t get more girl power than that! Check out the behind-the-scenes video of her shoot out in the countryside.

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