Remembering Kate Spade’s Most Iconic And Unforgettable Fashion Moments

Famed accessories designer Kate Noel Brosnahan, better known as Kate Spade, passed away on the night of 5th June in an apparent suicide. This heartbreaking news took the fashion world by storm and condolences and reminiscences started pouring in on social media from all quarters. The overwhelming love and reverence for the 55-year-old is evident of her lasting influence in the industry for over decades.

Her journey started ways back in 1993 when she opened her first store with husband Andy Spade. Kate later remarked in an interview that she noticed a void in the market in terms of fashionable yet affordable bags and that is exactly what she set out to deliver. Soon after the launch of her first line of playful but classic clear bags, she caught the attention of major fashion editors and department stores. There was no looking back for the brand after that. What started with basic vinyl tote bags went on to add timeless apparel, jumpsuit, shoes, and home-ware all containing the fun and vibrant signature style of Kate Spade.

Here’s taking a look back at the style icon’s most unforgettable fashion moments, right from the celebs who adored her designs to the campaigns no one can ever forget.

A brand loved by the Royalty
It seems like the Royalty can’t get enough of her. The Duchess of Cambridge is really fond of Kate Spade dresses and has been spotted wearing the brand on several occasions. In October 2015, Kate Middleton wore a beautiful pink floral Kate Spade dress on the occasion of World Mental Health Day in London. She also wore a black polka dotted dress during her visit to London’s Foundling Museum in November 2017. Even her sister, Pippa Middleton is a self-confessed fan of Kate Spade and carried the brand’s iconic handbags on several occasions.

The memorable #missadventure series
If you ask anyone about their favorite Kate Spade campaign, the missadventure series is surely going to be their answer. The video series first premiered in November 2014 and featured Anna Kendrick. She was shown locked out of her apartment while being surrounded by Kate Spade bags as the misadventures begin. The first video was so popular that it was made into a series with appearances from top stars like Kat Dennings, Lily Tomlin, Zosia Mamet, and Gloria Steinem. The humorous campaign spoke of the living-in-the-moment philosophy of the brand.

The cult ‘Sam’ handbag
You might remember the classic ‘Sam’ handbag from the ‘90s-era and chances are that if you belong to that generation, you must have had it in your collection as well. The Sam handbag was one of the six original designs with which the brand started its journey in 1993. The initial design was boxy with black nylon body and the other colors were a later day addition. The brand reintroduced the bag in January 2018 spring-summer presentation on the occasion of 25th anniversary celebrations.

The cutesy Minnie Mouse collection
Given the fact that fun and exuberance was the buzzwords for the brand, it seems fair that Walt Disney is the perfect partnership for the brand. The brand teamed up with Walt Disney in November 2017, just in time to add to the holiday revelries. A 21-piece collection was launched as a nod to Minnie Mouse. This line included cross-body bags, jewelry, totes, backpacks, key chains, and more and all of these featured the classic red bow of Minnie Mouse.

The leopard print pop-up shop
In October 2017, Kate Spade joined forces with Man Repeller to open a three days pop-up shop in New York City. The leopard-themed pop-up store had floor to ceilings covered in leopard prints. The idea was to promote a buy now and wear now experience. The shop also collaborated with the renowned makeup brand, MAC to give cat-eye tutorials to the guests. The focal point of the event was ‘Interesting Women Interesting Lives’ events for the local customers. Kate was a firm believer in women’s empowerment and progress and tried to inspire generations of women through her work. The event and the live Q&A session focused on taking forth that idea of hers.

The stunning presentations for fashion week
Kate Spade was known as much for her creations as her iconic fashion week presentations. In keeping with the playful and cheerful aesthetics of the brand, she had the most breathtaking presentations at her venues like the Grand Central Station and the Rockefeller Center Rainbow Room. The riot of colors lit up the rainbow room in 2016. When the brand presented the creations on one Sunny afternoon at the Rainbow Room, the fashion lovers all over the world exclaimed that the tone for the fall has been set for good.

The minimalist envelope wristlet
The list of cult accessories made by the brand is pretty endless and any list would remain incomplete without a mention of the classic envelope wristlet. The bag featured the classic gold logo of the brand on top and came with a minimalistic, classic design. These became popular the moment they hit the fashion scene. And though Charlotte from certain Sex and the City episode joked that her tampons will not fit in her Kate Spade purse, her love for the wristlet was still evident.

Kate Spade was not just a woman synonymous with bringing forth cult fashion accessories. She was someone who inspired generations of women to embrace and revel in their own inimitable style.


  1. Kate had not been at the brand Kate Spade for over 10 years. Her new brand, Frances Valentine has really beautiful designs, more consistent with her true taste and style. I would honor her legacy by buying Frances Valentine, not Kate Spade, which is now owned by Coach anyway.

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