Revry TV Serving Up All The Queer Content You Need During Pride Month And Beyond

During June, a number of TV networks and streaming platforms go into overdrive to celebrate the month of Pride, and then it’s back to regular programming come July 1. But not Revry TV, a streaming platform and app founded to be a global LGBTQ-first streaming TV network with live TV, and on-demand movies, shows, music, news, and exclusive originals available for free and with a subscription. It was launched in 2015 by a diverse team bringing together media, technology and LGBTQ+ advocacy.

With programming featuring big names such as Demi Lovato, Lil Nas X, Bebe Rexha and more, as well as a badass lineup of originals including one of our fave creators Misha Calvert and her new award-winning series ‘Strut’ which premiered June 18, audiences get to see content that consistently amplifies queer experiences and perspectives, and breaks down stigma (especially in the case of ‘Strut’ which explores sex work and female empowerment).

As we continue to see more and more queer representation in mainstream media, we also live with the reality of regressive policies toward the LGBTQ+ community across the US. Which is why a dedicated queer network has never been more important than now.

As Pride month wraps up, we wanted to chat with Revry TV Chief Operating Officer Alia J. Daniels about how the company is taking the core message of advocacy beyond June and continues to highlight underrepresented voices in media both in front of the camera and behind.

Revry COO Alia J. Daniels. Image by Image by Bird Lambro.

Tell us how Revry TV came about and how you initially got involved? 

Revry came about in the fall of 2015 when our CEO Damian Pelliccione came up with the idea after not seeing any LGBTQ+ apps on the brand new 4th Generation Apple TV. He then pitched the idea to me, Christopher J. Rodriguez and LaShawn McGhee and Revry was born.  

What are some of the programming highlights during Pride month you highlighted?

There have been other networks that have targeted specific demos within the LGBTQ community, but what made Revry truly special is that we wanted to ensure that everyone within the community had a place to be seen and heard. Inclusion isn’t just a popular idea, but it is part of the lifeblood of why we created Revry in the first place. This pride we are so excited about our pride variety special House of Pride brought to you by McDonald’s.

House of Pride features some amazing performances from Shea Diamond, Sam Tsui, AB Farrelly and vogue tutorials from House of Balmain (Winners of HBO Max’s Legendary). One of my favorite parts of the show is this out of this world opening number choreographed and starring RuPaul’s Drag Race alum LaGanja Estranja, Sir Christopher Saint, Violet Grae and Emily Vu. We also partnered to distribute iHeartRadio and P&G’s Can’t Cancel Pride this fantastic show celebrating pride with some of the biggest stars including, Bebe Rexha, Lil Nas X, MJ Rodriguez, Demi Lovato, Hayley Kioko, Pete Buttigieg and so many others! 

One of the shows we’re excited about is Misha Calvert’s award-winning original series ‘Strut’. Can you tell us more about this series, and if we will see more original programming in the future?  

I am so so excited about Strut! It’s such a funny show that I genuinely enjoy. I’m all about empowering women and the value of friendship and this show does both in such a beautiful way. Strut is the story of a somewhat shy reclusive nerd who works with her three best friends to create a successful escort agency in New York City. You will absolutely see more and more original programming from Revry. We continue to seek out and work with creators whose stories align with our mission. You can check out more of our Revry originals here. 

We’re at an interesting and frustrating juxtaposition in America – we are seeing an increased amount of LGBTQ+ representation in entertainment, but also an increased amount of anti-trans bills being introduced across the country. How does media and entertainment play an important role in pushing for more progress and inclusivity in society? 

It is such a frustrating thing. There is this unfounded fear that more visibility for traditionally underrepresented voices is going to take something away from other folks. People just want to be seen, heard, and given the space to fully live their lives with all the rights they are entitled to. The thing about representation in media, is that when it’s truly authentic (i.e. not made by white cis folks telling everybody else’s stories) we start to create a space for understanding. That’s literally why I do what I do.

I understand that representation saves lives because people feel seen, heard, have a sense of belonging and have more confidence to live their lives out loud, AND it also destigmatizes the fear-based nonsense (because that’s what it is) so many people are fed and show we all really want and deserve the same basic things. Keep telling your own story. 

Having a diverse founding and executive team says a lot about a company. Why was it important for Revry to include a range of lived experiences and perspectives when launching the network? 

I think for us at Revry it naturally happened. We truly do represent a variety of experiences; Black, LatinX, Veteran, Immigrant, Women, Gay, Lesbian, Non-Binary, and Ally. We all walk in with the fullness of our experiences that have shaped us. I think it’s so important for any business, especially in entertainment for the reasons I mentioned above, to intentionally make equity and inclusivity a part of it’s operations. It’s not a strategy, but an ethical and smart business stance. We know that business with more women in leadership positions make more money. 

The Revry Founding team from L-R: Chief Product Officer LaShawn McGhee, Chief Business Officer Christopher J. Rodriguez, COO Alia J. Daniels, and CEO Damian Pelliccione. Image by Bird Lambro.

There is an increased amount of awareness about “rainbow washing” from corporations and networking during Pride month. How is Revry standing out from the rest and being authentic about its advocacy? 

For us pride isn’t just during June, it’s every single day. We honor and celebrate trailblazers within the queer community and those who today are still pushing the boundaries and sharing and telling their stories for all of the community, all the time. 

For those who will be introduced to Revry for the first time during Pride month, what would you want them to know in advance? 

Revry is a place for EVERYONE within the queer community. We’ve been so intentional to create this space everyone has an access point and opportunity to watch. You can watch one of our free 24/7 channels, free ad-sponsored on demand content or become a subscriber and watch all of the library! 

Watch Revry TV now by clicking HERE.

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